Former Prime Minister Akie Abe’s wife frolics in 700,000 VIP seats at a martial arts tournament! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Prime Minister Akie Abe’s wife frolics in 700,000 VIP seats at a martial arts tournament!

700,000 yen per table! Hugging a handsome man and enjoying steak and wine on a bubbly night!

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A true godsend! In last week’s issue of FRIDAY, we reported on former Prime Minister Akie Abe’s wife, 59, who flowed from a Japanese herbal study group to drinking at home, but on this day, Akie was at ringside. She was watching a kickboxing match at a table right behind the red corner, so close to the ring that she was almost covered in sweat and blood.

Akie talks with a handsome man (left) from a special seat that cost 700,000 yen. There was also a beautiful boy with brown hair in the audience.

When I walked into the entrance of the venue, I saw Akki guzzling wine in front of me and I couldn’t help but exclaim, ‘What? I was surprised that he had a handsome guy with him instead of a SP, but what surprised me the most was that he had come to watch such a maniacal match.

The people in the ring were businessmen, lawyers, doctors, and other elites. It was a unique kickboxing tournament called “EXECUTIVE FIGHT – Bushido”. The referee was professional wrestler Minowaman (45), the bouquet was presented by Sari Kato (31), and in the fifth match, former “Hikaru Genji” star Shigeo Osawa (52) was KO’d by a chef.

Akie, however, was not pressured and clapped her hands in support. She laughed hysterically at the pre-fight VTR and hugged a handsome man with short hair at a nearby table. Sometimes he moved to the blue corner to cheer for the fighters, and was very excited. We watched the entire card and headed home before 10pm.

Takayuki Kohirumaki, 44, a former K-1 fighter and the organizer of the event, is a good friend of Akie, so he must have invited her. He and Shinzo Abe, 67, had put out a huge flower arrangement at the venue in their joint names. She was seated at a table where she could enjoy a full course meal of steak and sushi, craft beer, wine, and even Dom Perignon served by a beautiful woman in a swimsuit.

According to a secretary of the Liberal Democratic Party, “Her mother-in-law Yoko, who used to rebuke Akie from time to time, stopped saying anything about it two or three years ago. Now that Covid-19 has settled down and the shackles of being the prime minister’s wife have been removed, will she show her true colors as a free woman?

I sometimes cheer from the blue corner. There was always someone around Akie, including a foreign woman with silver hair.
Former Prime Minister Akie Abe’s wife has a blast at an unusual kickboxing tournament
Former Prime Minister Akie Abe’s wife gets excited at an unusual kickboxing tournament

From “FRIDAY” December 31, 2021 issue

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