Kim Jong-un’s “month-long convalescence due to vaccine adverse reaction” is supported by his shocking lifestyle | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kim Jong-un’s “month-long convalescence due to vaccine adverse reaction” is supported by his shocking lifestyle

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Kim Jong-un waves to young people at an event celebrating Youth Day on Aug. 31. He looks a bit gaunt.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong-un’s seizure of power in North Korea.

According to the September 7 edition of the Workers’ Party of Korea’s official newspaper, the Labor News, Park Jong-chun, who had been demoted from marshal to deputy marshal in June for his role in dealing with the new coronavirus, has returned to a key position in the party. Liu Jin, head of the party’s munitions industry department, Lim Kwang-il, chief of the general staff of the armed forces, and Jang Jong-nam, minister of social security, were also elected to senior party positions. The government has further consolidated its power by leveraging its personnel.

“As Park’s demotion shows, Kim Jong-un is quite concerned about the spread of corona in the country. Kim Jong-un is quite concerned about the spread of coronas in the country, as evidenced by the demotion of Park, and is trying to curb civilian dissatisfaction with the corona response through party appointments. North Korea has claimed that there are no cases of corona infection. But in fact, the infection is spreading. There are reports that more than 180 border guards with China have died of corona. In July of last year, the city of Kaesong, near the border with South Korea, was completely shut down because of suspected cases of infection,” said a reporter from a Korean newspaper.

According to the South Korean online media Daily NK, as of last November, a total of 81,000 civilians were quarantined on suspicion of infection. As of November last year, a total of about 81,000 civilians had been quarantined on suspicion of being infected, and 54,620 had been transferred to the detention facility of the Korean People’s Army.

Surprising Background to the Death Theory

Kim Jong-un himself must be worried about the infection. The Daily NK reported that he has ordered the vaccination of about 100 people in his inner circle whom he meets in person. The same media outlet also reported a startling piece of information. Gao Yingqi, editor-in-chief of Daily NK Japan, said.

“In May of this year, Kim Jong-un was vaccinated at a special villa in a rural area. However, the adverse reaction was said to be very strong. He suffered from high fever, vomiting, and other severe symptoms. There are reports that he was forced to rest for a while.

Indeed, a review of Kim Jong-un’s movements reveals an inexplicable gap: after attending a performance by the Military Family Art Circle on May 5, he was nowhere to be seen for about a month until he presided over a meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea on June 4. Although Kim Jong-un is in his thirties, he is reportedly suffering from a variety of chronic illnesses. Vaccination would have been a risk in no small measure.

“In April last year, he was out of the public eye for a long time, and there were even rumors of his death. The U.S. news agency CNN also said he had undergone heart surgery. There is no doubt that he was in poor health during the time he was missing. One possible explanation is a pre-existing foot condition. In the video footage of Kim Jong-un, we can see that he is walking with his left leg covered, and there is information that he was undergoing treatment for gout in 2002, when he was missing for about 40 days.

Kim Jong-un is known to be a heavy smoker. Kim Jong-un is known to be a heavy smoker, and his heavy consumption has long been the subject of health scares. A high-ranking South Korean official who visited South Korea once advised his wife, Ri Soon-ju, at a dinner party that Jong-un smoked so much and at such a fast pace. “A South Korean official once advised his wife, Ri Xueju, at a dinner party that Jong-un smoked at such a rapid pace that he should change his lifestyle and cut back a bit.

She replied with a sad look on her face, “You are right. She said with a sad face, “You are right. But no matter how much I warn her, she doesn’t listen. According to Kenji Fujimoto, a well-known cook for the Kim family, Jong-un has been smoking since he was a teenager. If true, he has been smoking for about 20 years. His sister, Kim Yo Jong, who often accompanies him on regional tours and diplomatic missions, always carries a special ashtray for her brother. Even in a non-smoking theater, Kim Jong-un smokes while watching a play, so a special rule has been established for him.

What is behind his decision to get vaccinated against his chronic illness? Mr. Gao continues.

“It is said that the reason he took the risk of an adverse reaction to get the vaccine was because he wanted to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping in order to overcome his economic difficulties. He is also said to be willing to talk with U.S. President Biden if conditions are right after the end of corona.

He smokes a lot of cigarettes to relieve stress, has a high fever and vomits after vaccination. I think it is a requirement for a leader to take care of his own body. ……

  • Photo Korean News Agency / Kyodo News Co.

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