Shingo Katori, “professional girlfriend” who admitted to being an idol’s wife for 25 years | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shingo Katori, “professional girlfriend” who admitted to being an idol’s wife for 25 years

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Shingo Katori announced his marriage on December 28th, and after 25 years of dating, it looks like he’s finally paid his dues!

Shingo Katori has announced his marriage. It was announced by his office at the end of the year on December 28th.

His partner is Mr. A, who is in his 40s, whom he has been dating since he was a teenager. The media congratulated them for their pure love.

There are many celebrities who choose the end of the year as the time to get married. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, who belongs to the same agency as Katori, also got married in December 2008.

One of the reasons for this is that there is a psychological tendency not to make too much of a fuss about it, as the coverage in the wide shows and weekly magazines becomes less and less. Another reason is to welcome the new year with a fresh heart. These are the reasons I can think of.

Katori’s partner may not have been the official wife of the idol, but she must have been convinced of her position as a practical wife. I was told by a former Johnny’s correspondent of a sports newspaper.

The late Mary (Kitagawa) didn’t dare to stop him from dating women. She taught him to be aware of himself as an idol and to avoid women who would immediately reveal their relationships.

A woman like Katori’s partner, who has been in a relationship for a long time but never reveals it to the media, is an ideal partner for idols and entertainers.

The fact that he had been in a relationship with this woman from his teens to his 40s is, as the sports papers praised, pure love and single-mindedness. It’s a marriage that will raise Katori’s stock.

A former reporter from a sports newspaper in charge of Japanese idols told me that there are other Japanese idols who have the same pure love as Katori.

It’s Masahiro Matsuoka of TOKIO. His partner is a slim woman about 170 centimeters tall with long hair. Yes, Friday once published a couple of shots of them at a standing bar in the neighborhood.

They are practically married in a tawamono in downtown Tokyo. When introducing her to people, Matsuoka would proudly say, ‘This is my mom. However, unlike Katori, he has no intention of submitting a marriage certificate at the moment. I’ve heard that the other woman understands that this is the position of Matsuoka’s wife.

In recent years, some people have chosen not to register their marriages in order to keep their surnames separate, which is called de facto marriage. There was no reason to object to the social system, but Katori was definitely in a de facto marriage. This is a unique form of de facto marriage in the entertainment industry, as it is difficult for idols and marriage to coexist (in the past, there were also terms like “common-law wife” and “common-law husband”).

Katori Shingo, who was once an idol, is now all grown up. 44 years old. He is now 44 years old, and there have been no reports of him having affairs with female celebrities.

In the first place, Katori is known for his extreme reticence to associate with celebrities, both male and female. After becoming independent from the Johnny’s Office, she became less idol-like, her face became more mature, and her work is going well.

For example, former NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi, who continues to work as an idol even after leaving the Johnny’s office, it would be difficult for him to get married for fear of losing his fans. For example, former NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi, it would be difficult for him to get married for fear of losing his fans, but Katori has succeeded in getting rid of his idol. However, Katori tried to break away from idolization and succeeded in doing so. The skill of her agency also greatly helped her establish the Katori brand.

By getting married, Katori has given a break to her long career as an idol. That is how I would like to see this marriage.

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