Celebrate marriage! Myojo Shimotsukuri and his younger wife in a lovey-dovey relationship | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrate marriage! Myojo Shimotsukuri and his younger wife in a lovey-dovey relationship

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Soshina and her coming home together…!

Even before the break…

At the end of the year, amidst the rush of marriage reports, a popular young man also announced his marriage. This time, it’s the ace of the young comedian world, Shimofuri Myojo’s Kojina. He is married to celebrity A (27), with whom he has been reported to be dating for some time. Both of them are from the Kansai region and have known each other since before Kojina’s breakthrough.

What a happy story. It may seem sudden, but the two have been dating for several years and have been living together in a high-class apartment in Tokyo. It was in the summer of 2019 that this magazine witnessed the “scene” of their cohabitation.

An hour later, a cab pulled up in front of the restaurant and a beautiful woman wearing a frilly one-piece dress came out of the restaurant and got into the taxi. This was his current wife.

They were headed for a high-class tower apartment in Minato Ward. Shokubin unlocked the auto-lock and went inside the entrance. They walked together to the elevator hall and welcomed the morning.

Today, they are finally married, but what left a strong impression on me at the time was this comment from Soshina when this magazine asked him directly about their relationship.

I’m not getting married. I’m not getting married. (I never said anything about getting married.

Of course, they had just started dating at that time, so it was natural that they were not thinking about marriage. I’d love to hear the details of how he changed his mind and how he came to his decision over the next two years.

Following Seiya, his best business partner, Soshina has found his “life partner”. I wish him all the best in the future!

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