Yukina Kinoshita’s “All-you-can-eat food report video” surprises fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita’s “All-you-can-eat food report video” surprises fans!

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Kinoshita when she was interviewed by this magazine in July this year.

“Christmas is coming again this year! She began in a good mood. The YouTube channel of Yukina Kinoshita, who becomes the talk of the town every time she posts something, has been updated. Apparently, it was Christmas Eve, and Kinoshita released a video of herself eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Kinoshita ate the popular Kentucky Fried Chicken menu items such as the “drumsticks” and “boneless chicken” one after another. He said, “I haven’t done a food report in 14 years.” He ate the Pepper Mayo Twister and awkwardly explained, “Pepper Mayo Chicken. Incidentally, he said of the Japanese chicken cutlet sandwich, “It tastes like croquette. It’s really delicious,” he said. The “Kernel Crispy” was described as “Filet-O-Fish! He mistook the name of the product for a McDonald’s standard product, but I guess he was just being polite…

Kinoshita’s chewing sound as he ate the Kenta was also shown. In addition to the vivid sound of “kucha, kucha, kucha,” a man who appeared to be the photographer said, “There’s a different sound in there. Incidentally, it is not clear what the “different sound” is. When eating a cookie, I recorded the sound of chewing while dripping honey on the cookie. Kinoshita can do whatever he wants!

The video is a bit maniacal, but it has been very well received: “It made me laugh,” “It makes me feel at peace,” and “Watching it cheers me up! It’s a little maniacal, but it’s very popular. There were also comments such as “I’m looking forward to the W final next year.

I can’t take my eyes off of Kinoshita, who is attracting more and more attention from the public through his YouTube channel. ……!

  • Photo Takayuki Ogawauchi

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