Nozomi Sasaki’s “Kimono with a shaggy perm” is a hit with fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nozomi Sasaki’s “Kimono with a shaggy perm” is a hit with fans!

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Nozomi Sasaki at a movie event (AFLO)

Model and actress Nozomi Sasaki has been attracting a lot of attention for her “too beautiful kimono” on her Instagram account. “It’s a good thing that she’s not the only one who has a problem with this. “This is the first time I’ve seen her in a kimono. (The color scheme and pattern (of the kimono) is very good.

Sasaki wears a black-based kimono. It has a swirling pattern of yellow, gray and blue. The scarf around her neck adds a nice touch. Her hair is permed in a shaggy style. Sasaki raises the corner of her mouth as high as she can and smiles at the camera, showing her pure white teeth.

The backboard with the Meiji-za logo on it is ……. Yes, this photo was taken on the occasion of the opening night of the play “Drunken Angel” in which Sasaki will appear.

The play is an adaptation of the movie “Drunkard’s Angel” by Akira Kurosawa about people who lived in the chaos after the war. The film stars Kenta Kiritani and is directed by Takashi Miike. Sasaki gave his impressions of the first day as follows.

“The first day went well! I’m so grateful to have had my first day in this day and age. During the rehearsals, Takashi Miike’s direction touched my heart, and I was able to feel many things every day. I wanted to pay tuition every time for his love-filled direction. Laughter.

Yesterday, he said to me, “There are no useless words in this script, so please put your heart and soul into every single word. I’ll do my best with those words in mind!

“I just hope that everything will run smoothly from now until the final performance.

The play will be performed at the Meiji-za Theater in Tokyo until September 20, and at the Shin-Kabuki-za Theater in Osaka from October 1 to 11.

Sasaki has been extremely busy with appearances on variety shows and promotional activities for her own brand, but she has also started to show more depth in her acting as an actress. I’m sure her fans will continue to support her in this endeavor. I can’t take my eyes off Sasaki more and more. ……!

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