Mayuko Kawakita and Tomomi Kahara “Married to that guy! Love Sightings | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mayuko Kawakita and Tomomi Kahara “Married to that guy! Love Sightings

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The year 2021 was a suffocating one, with more than half the year in a state of “emergency” due to the spread of a new Covid-19 infection. Despite this, some couples managed to nurture their love. This magazine looks back on the happy scenes of this year’s “love” that we witnessed.

Mayuko Kawakita’s “leather jacket date” photographed by Friday

Actress Mayuko Kawakita (30) announced her marriage to an ordinary man on January 16, 2009, at the time of the Covid-19 disaster and the heavy atmosphere surrounding Japan. The two had been known to have been together for many years and were waiting to hear when the news would come, but her happy announcement put Japan in a mood as if a light had been turned on.

FRIDAY witnessed the scene of their passionate love affair in March of 2008. It’s hard not to notice a beautiful man and a beautiful woman when they are walking down the street. For more than six years, Kawakita and her boyfriend have been on good terms with each other, handing each other rafters from their homes.

On the same day, they had dinner at a Japanese restaurant frequented by celebrities. After having dinner with her fellow models, they went straight back to her apartment.

At around 7:00 p.m. last April, the two of them were on their way to a Japanese restaurant where Mayuko Kawakita’s model friends were waiting for them, with a large Gucci paper bag in Mr. M’s hand.

We hope that their happiness will last forever!

Kawakita says that her ideal man would be “someone like Mr. Sanma, who makes me laugh a lot,” and we wonder if Mr. M’s talk is as sharp.
What is the destination of Mayuko Kawakita’s “soon-to-be-married” boyfriend of six years?
I’m not sure if you’ve seen this video, but I’m sure you’ve seen it.
What is the destination for Mayuko Kawakita and her boyfriend of six years who is about to get married?
What is the destination for Mayuko Kawakita and her boyfriend of six years who is “about to get married”?

Celebrate marriage! Tomomi Kahara marries the president of an event company on her birthday

Tomomi Kahara, the diva with a lot of love in her life, also had some happy news to report last year. On August 17th, her birthday, she married A, the president of an event company.

The three of us headed to a convenience store. On the way home, she showed a glimpse of her motherly tenderness by holding her crying son in her arms.

The couple met about two and a half years before their marriage, and began a professional relationship when Hanahara left her then-employer in August 2008. Since March of last year, Ms. A has also been working as Hanahara’s exclusive manager.

This magazine witnessed the two of them shopping together at a convenience store with Hanahara’s son. The three of them went straight back to her apartment, looking like a picture of an ideal couple.

Now that she has reached the finish line with her beloved partner, who supports her in both her private and public life, she is ready to move forward with her personal life. We hope that she will be able to use the enrichment of her private life to further her career!

For all the couples who nurtured their love for the Covid-19 disaster, 2021 must have been a particularly “special year”. Long and happy life to you all!

  • Photography Yuri Adachi (Kahoku), Sumio Todoroki (Hanahara), Shu Nishihara (Imai)

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