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The Name of the “Next Generation Break Talent” Who Will Come After Sakira Inoue

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Inoue shaved off her eyebrows to confess her feelings to the man of her dreams for a variety show project. The romance didn’t work out, but it gave her a chance to break out as a beautiful celebrity.

On December 1, the “2021 Ranking of Talent Program Appearances” conducted by Nihon Monitor was announced.

This year, the ranking is no longer broken down by gender. While MCs with regular appearances on TV shows such as “Bananaman” Shitara Osamu (48) and “Kirin” Akira Kawashima (42) occupied the top spots, Fuwa-chan (28) ranked 7th with 424 appearances and Miyu Ikeda (23) ranked 8th with 420 appearances. These two are the most popular female celebrities. These two are the number one and number two female talents,” said a sports reporter.

In last year’s ranking, Fuwa-chan and Michisopa finished one-two as female talents who do not have regular programs in their belts, with 330 and 331, respectively.

Freshness is important for the female talent slots in variety shows. Normally, there is a lot of turnover, but this year, due to the new Covid-19, the whole industry ended up with cheap casting. I guess that’s the effect. There is still a limit to the number of talents that can be invited to the studios, so priority is given to those who can definitely produce results. It seems that Hwa-chan and the others have had their season prolonged for a year, so next year will be the critical year for them,” said a key station producer.

The “Break Talent” ranking for 2009 has also been announced. While comedians who have been successful in award competitions occupy the top spots, Sakira Inoue, 22, was the only female celebrity to make the top 10.

Sakura Inoue, 22, was a unique talent whose eyebrows were the main selling point, but when she cut her eyebrows for a variety show, her true beauty became well known on national television. She also made her debut as a gravure and actress, which broadened the scope of her work. Nagisa Shibuya, 25, of NMB48, who Kawashima praised for her ability to make great comedy, is also getting more and more offers for variety shows,” says the director of a production company.

The male-female duo “Frog Pavilion” is expected to be a candidate for a breakthrough in 2022.

The male/female duo “Kaerutei” is expected to be the breakout act of 2022. In the “King of Contrast 2021” (TBS) held in October, they scored high marks despite being the most disadvantaged top performers. Although he did not advance to the final stage, he is highly regarded as a possible winner depending on the order in which he appears, and his offers have increased dramatically. Especially Iwakura (31), who has a lot of stories to tell, such as living in a house with this year’s “M-1 Grand Prix” winner candidate Shunsuke Ito (32) of Oswald, is fighting for his schedule.

Momo Junior High School Student (38), who had a second breakthrough with “Ariyoshi’s Wall” (NTV), was also ranked 10th in the breakout talent ranking. The producer mentioned above said, “The revival boom will continue in the future.

In the aftermath of Covid-19, production costs have been reduced, making it difficult to come up with aggressive plans. There are few programs that try to discover new stars. Although their salaries are low, they are highly valued as new breakouts with name recognition. This is exactly the reason why “Joyman” and other one-hit wonders have been hired in recent years. Ocarina (37) of “Okazu Club” got a commercial after her YouTube channel, in which she just eats in silence, became popular. Okarina’s strength is her ability to talk about her “Ossan’s Life,” such as the episode where she fell into the “swamp” of the drama “Ossan’s Love,” and she is gaining exposure again.

It seems that the next generation of stars will be born after Covid-19.

From the December 24, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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