Yukina Kinoshita’s “series of smelly posts with her J-League boyfriend” makes fans happy! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita’s “series of smelly posts with her J-League boyfriend” makes fans happy!

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Kinoshita in July of last year when she was hit by a direct report of her passionate love for a J-leaguer.

During this year end and New Year’s holidays, a number of marriages of big couples were reported, and this year, we may hear congratulatory news of “these two”. This year, we may hear congratulations from “these two”: Yukina Kinoshita and Hidetoshi Miyuki, a J-league player who is currently in a relationship.

Kinoshita, who lost her job due to the tapioca scandal, opened a YouTube channel in November last year. In November of last year, Kinoshita opened a YouTube channel, where he said he wanted to make a full-fledged comeback, saying, “I want to stand in front of people and work.

Her fans are bewildered by the occasional collaboration with her boyfriend Miyuki on Instagram. The reason is that Kinoshita and Miyuki have been repeatedly posting “lovey-dovey smells” on each other’s SNS accounts. For example, Kinoshita has been posting pictures of herself laying her head on a man’s body, or huddled up behind him at a place with a great ocean view. Each time, fans have been excited, saying things like, “Are they about to reach the goal? This is the first time she’s been seen in public.

In October, both Kinoshita and Miyuki posted six sumptuous dishes including pasta, white fish and soup at the same time, which became a hot topic. And as New Year’s Eve approached, the day of her divorce from Fujimon, they were still posting the same “hot” dishes at the same time.

This time, the dish was Mapo Tofu in a silver bowl. Kinoshita commented that it was “delicious,” while Miyuki wrote on her own account that it was “the best. I’m amazed at their skillful use of social media and their ability to create a buzz.

Will we see a “goal” from these two this year? More and more, I can’t take my eyes off Kinoshita. ……!

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