Korean golf’s “next generation sexy queen” makes her first big move in a long time…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Korean golf’s “next generation sexy queen” makes her first big move in a long time…!

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Yoo Hyun Joo (27), who competed in the KG Eady Ladies Open (September 3-5) on the Korea Ladies Tour (KLPGA) as a recommended player, qualified for the tournament for the first time in a long time and finished the tournament in a tie for 56th place with an even total.

She went 1-over on the first day, but had two birdies and no bogeys on the second day to qualify at 1-under. On the final day, she dropped her score with two birdies and three bogeys, but held on for an even par total.

For her, qualifying for this tournament gave her a lot of confidence. Last year, she was ranked 109th on the money list after competing on the first division regular tour, and failed to qualify for this year’s event. After losing her seed, the Dream Tour, the second division, became her main competition this season. She would have liked to make a fresh start, but she has not been able to achieve the results she wanted, finishing 14th in 12 tournaments so far.

She is 172cm tall. She is 172 cm tall and is very popular in Korea for her model-like figure and smile.

In April, she was recommended to play on the regular tour, but withdrew due to neck pain on the first day, and failed to qualify for the regular tour in May.

She is known as the “next generation sexy queen” and her Instagram is full of photojournalistic pictures. 340,000 followers make her one of the most popular female professional golfers in Korea. When she challenged Japan’s final QT (qualifying round, 59th place) in 2018, the golfing world was buzzing that she would become a player to watch like the “sexy queen” Ahn Shin Hye.

In both Japan and Korea, Yoo Hyun-Joo tends to attract attention for other reasons than her ability, but after finishing this tournament, she spoke to the press about her feelings.

“It’s been a long time since I played on the Korean regular tour, and I had a great week watching my good friends play and playing with them. The last day of golf was frustrating, but I’m still trying to get a feel for my shots, so I’m thinking positive. My satisfaction level is 60%, but it is very empowering to have people pay attention to me every time I appear on the regular tour. I am grateful for that.”

This will be her third appearance on the regular tour this year, and she is finally starting to see the light.

However, Hyun-Joo Yoo’s battle on the second division tour will continue. In order to get back to her goal of playing on the first division regular tour, she said, “I know the key points of my swing, so I want to practice them well. The par on rate is important, but I also think it is important to save when you miss the green. I want to focus on my short game as well,” he said.

In any case, it’s not a bad thing to be noticed, and if you don’t play on the first division tour, your existence will naturally be forgotten.

Yoo Hyun-joo is not averse to being seen. I have interviewed her several times in Korea, and I felt that she was the type of player who would show her strength in a public place.

“I really enjoyed playing on the regular tour for the first time in a long time, the atmosphere and course setting is different from the second division, the Dream Tour. I will definitely try my best to get back on the regular tour next year.”

The second division tour in Korea is also preparing for the qualifying round to move up to the first division, so this is a crucial moment for her.

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