Sayaka Kanda, “a great actress who never shows her weaknesses,” had to bear the burden in secret | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sayaka Kanda, “a great actress who never shows her weaknesses,” had to bear the burden in secret

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Sayaka Kanda’s sudden death was a shock to the world. Her intentions were sometimes too serious to be seen on her social networking site. ……

“Was there anything I could have done…”

Those involved are biting their lips over the sudden death of actress Sayaka Kanda, who passed away on December 18.

On the same day, shortly after noon, Ms. Kanda fell from the upper floor of the hotel where she was staying for the Sapporo performance of the musical “My Fair Lady,” in which she starred, and never returned. The Hokkaido Prefectural Police investigated the case as both an incident and an accident, but quickly concluded that there was no incident due to the situation at the scene. No suicide note was found.

Mr. Kanda was born on October 1, 1986. His father is Masateru Kanda and his mother is Seiko Matsuda. She made her debut in the short film “Bean Cake” in 1999. In ’02, she also made her debut as a singer under the name SAYAKA.

At the time of her debut, she drew attention as “Seiko Matsuda’s daughter,” but in recent years she has established herself as a musical actress. She is also known for her role as Anna in the Japanese dubbed version of the hit movie “Anna and the Snow Queen” in 2002.

The sudden news of her death sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. Her mother, Seiko, was scheduled to hold her annual dinner show on the 19th, but it was cancelled. Through her record company, she said

I am still unable to accept this reality.

I am still unable to accept this reality. Her father, Masateru Kanda, is said to be in the same state of shock.

Everyone who knows her is asking, “Why? Everyone who knows her says, “Why? My Fair Lady” is a special work for Kanda, and she is thrilled to be performing it again for the first time since ’18. On Instagram, she wore Eliza’s costume from the play.

On Instagram, she wore Eliza’s costume from the play and wrote, “I’m happy to wear it again this year.

The tickets are selling well.

The tickets were selling well, and the performance on the 18th was sold out. She didn’t seem troubled in the slightest.

“Tickets were selling well, and the performance on the 18th was sold out,” said a stage insider. This is partly due to the fact that Kanda herself is not one to show her “weaknesses” to others.

In the past, a fan asked her on her Instagram Stories (a feature where posts disappear after 24 hours), “Do you ever feel depressed or anxious? I was asked.

She replied, “It’s a job where I appear in front of people, so I keep it to myself.

She replied, “I’m a public speaker, so I keep it to myself.

On November 9, she wrote on Instagram

On November 9, she posted on Instagram, “I finally got to listen to the songs I couldn’t listen to because I was so disappointed and regretful and sad. It’s all I’ve ever done, but I’ve never been able to sing until today. I feel a new tightness in my heart, but I want to face it with sincerity this time, without relying too much on time and drugs.

I want to be sincere this time. The phrase “Tokigusuri” means that time is a medicine that can help us solve our difficulties.

It seems to be a description for “My Fair Lady,” which starts on November 14, but it shows that she is suffering from the gap between her ideal and reality.

From the perspective of those around her, Kanda-san seemed to be working harder than anyone else, but in her own mind, she was not. He may have been carrying so much on his shoulders that the word ‘stoic’ doesn’t do it justice.

The director Amon Miyamoto, who directed Kanda in her first musical “Into the Woods” (2004), said in “Truth Report: Bankisha! (Nippon Television Network Corporation), said the following.

(Nippon Television Network Corporation), “I told [Kanda-san] that you were really the best, so please believe me. Then she smiled a little and said, ‘I want to be real. She smiled a little and said, ‘I want to be real.’ She said, ‘I want everyone to see a person, Sayaka Kanda, really living a different path from her mother.

She continued.

He continued, “To those around her, I think she had a strong tension, as if she was in a hurry to live. I want people to know that she really lived her life and delivered truly wonderful songs and performances to the audience. Of course, she must have had many unstable feelings. But I think it’s amazing that Sayaka Kanda was able to overcome all of that and survive to this point.

She was 35 years old. At the age of 35, the curtain has fallen on the life of Sayaka Kanda, who carried a great deal on her shoulders and lived her life to the fullest.

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