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Hezumaryu, the “annoying man”: “Expiration date” and ambition behind his unexpected appeal

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Hezumaruru, who has appealed the verdict and declared an appeal, has already appeared in several videos of fellow YouTubers (from Hezumaruru’s official Twitter)

It seems that this man has not learned his lesson at all.

The annoying YouTuber Masahiro Harada, a.k.a. “Hezumaruru,” has filed an appeal.

Hezuma was sentenced to one year and six months in prison, suspended for four years with probation, for theft, obstruction of business, and other crimes, but he reacted to this. On the 3rd of this month, he posted on Twitter a photo of himself holding a piece of paper with the word “Appeal” written on it.

“I’m not guilty, and I’m not happy, so I’m appealing today! Hiroyuki-san also defended me last year, so I’m not guilty!

I’m innocent, right? He took the liberty of treating Hiroyuki, a businessman, as his “cheerleader”. According to a source, the appeal was filed on the 3rd.

On the previous day, September 2, Hezuma had decided to participate in the amateur martial arts tournament “hatashiai” (September 19, Kabukicho, Tokyo), and sent a letter of reflection in his own handwriting to the management.

I am truly sorry for causing a stir in the world last year. I know I deserved it, but with the court fees and other expenses, all the money I earned from YouTube last year is gone, and now I can barely afford to eat every day.

From now on, I will never cause trouble to others, and I will never commit any criminal acts. In order for me to return to society, can you please lend me your help?

and so on in a serious manner.

But overnight, he changed. I wonder if this is his branding.

Of course, it is everyone’s right to file an appeal. However, it is a miracle that a man who has been doing everything he wants to do, such as eating fish fillets without permission at the supermarket, getting involved with the clerk at the clothing store, and spreading the new coronavirus, was given a suspended sentence, so what is there to complain about?

According to a source who knows Hazuma.

According to a source who knows Hezma, “He’s on probation, so whatever he does, he has to consult with us. The annoying behavior again is out of the question, but even if you want to appear in another YouTube video, you have to explain the plan and purpose of the other person’s video.

I feel trapped by that. It seems that the probation part will be a point of contention at the appeal hearing.

He said. His participation in the aforementioned martial arts tournament was also decided after consulting with the inspector and obtaining his approval.

After his sentencing, Hazuma went to Tokyo on his own without telling his parents. He has the intention of becoming a YouTube star again.

However, under the current circumstances, even if he opens a new YouTube channel, he will be immediately “banned” (account deleted). According to a person familiar with the Internet industry

According to a person familiar with the Internet industry, “He’s been completely spotted by YouTube. I think it will be difficult for him to open his own channel at least during his probation.

He said. Hezma’s “shelf life” and “ambition” are the reasons behind his immediate action after his sentencing. The person mentioned above said.

“The “real” Hezuma is not arrogant, he is quite normal. Since he was a student, he has always wanted to be famous and make money. He worked diligently at a ramen store in his hometown in Yamaguchi prefecture until he was sentenced, but that was just an appeal to the court.

In the end, even after his arrest, he still maintained his “desire” to become famous. If anything, he thinks he has a chance now that the case has become national news and his fame has increased. That’s why he’s been making moves to create a buzz right after his sentencing.

It’s too late to make a move after the probation is over. The shelf life is short. He is said to be impatient with the fact that he is on probation and cannot work freely.

“There are people who flock to Hesuma. There are people who flock to Hizuma, and he says he gets offers from all over the world to work with him. He says he has received offers from all over the world to work with him. I’m wondering if he will run for election soon.

Hezuma’s fans on the Internet are very passionate about him. Is he going to continue to be a “dark hero”?

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