Riho Yoshioka’s “dedication and professionalism to Don-Gitsune” astonishes fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Riho Yoshioka’s “dedication and professionalism to Don-Gitsune” astonishes fans!

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It’s the end of another year. The end of the year means New Year’s Eve soba, which means it’s time for Don-Gitsune.

Don-gitsune is a character that actress Riho Yoshioka has been playing for the past four years in a commercial for Nissin’s Donbei. The character has fox ears on her head, a tail on her butt, and the rest of her body is human. He has been wiping away the yearly fatigue of all Japanese people with his lovable charm.

This year, a new commercial has been released. Yoshioka also introduced it on his Instagram account.

Yoshioka also introduced it on her Instagram account, saying, “I shot a special commercial for M1 again this year.

Yoshioka left a meaningful comment, but that’s just as it should be. Instead of Gen Hoshino, who always appears in the commercial as the “counterpart” of the dongitsune, comedian Kogaken appears in the commercial.

Hoshino always appeared as a charming character sipping on New Year’s Eve Donbei with his glasses fogging up. On the other hand, he was also known to play with the feelings of the dongitsune, which also made the fans go crazy over the commercial. And yet….

In the commercial, Kogekon compares kombu dashi from the west and katsuo dashi from the east. When Kogekon is eating the western kelp dashi, he is dressed in a kimono and speaks in Kansai dialect. When he is tasting the eastern kelp dashi, the fox wears sleeveless clothes and speaks in standard Japanese. Then he said, “So which one do you like, Azuma? And then, “So which one do you like better, East?” “Which one do you like better, West?

While some fans expressed their desire for Mr. Hoshino to come back, some industry insiders were impressed with the evolution of Dongitsune. The relationship between Don-Gitsune and Hoshino, which has not progressed very well, has a new character that brings in more fans and draws them further into the story.

Incidentally, Yoshioka is also very particular about Dongitsune. He says, “I always think to myself, ‘He’s not human. I’ve been playing a certain fox for a long time, and it’s very important to me that I never show human ears. I always discuss this with my make-up artist,” she said before, indicating her high level of professionalism.

We can’t take our eyes off Don-Gitsune and Yoshioka more and more. ……!

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