The truth behind the sudden resignation of Tokyo Verdy’s former coach, “Power threat audio”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The truth behind the sudden resignation of Tokyo Verdy’s former coach, “Power threat audio”!

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On September 1st, the Japanese soccer world was rocked by a shock. Hideki Nagai, 50, coach of the prestigious Tokyo Verdy, announced his sudden resignation in the middle of the season.

The announced reason for his resignation was “poor performance. However, no one with knowledge of the situation was convinced by this announcement.

“In fact, Mr. Nagai’s ‘power harassment’ was considered a problem.

A J-League official said.

“As reported in the Daily Shincho at the end of July, Mr. Nagai abuses his players at meetings where many teammates and staff gather. And for a long time. It was so long that some of the players suffered from insomnia and were unable to attend practice. It is true that this was seen as a problem.

Taking this matter seriously, the Japan Professional Footballers’ Association conducted a survey of Tokyo Verdy players to find out what was really going on. The results were as follows: “We don’t need people who can’t play. Go away! “Junior high school students are still better!” “Today! Now! Get out of the team! There were an astonishing number of “power harassment testimonies”.

Friday obtained the “abusive voice” of former coach Nagai as evidence of this. To avoid identification, we cannot disclose the time, date, or situation, but we can clearly see that the exasperated former manager is abusing the players in a strong tone.

“If your leg hurts, get out!

“If you have an excuse, tell me! If you don’t like it, quit soccer! Go work as a clerk in the stands!”

And so on. If the players are subjected to this kind of “stuffing” for a long period of time, some of them may become mentally ill.

Although Tokyo Verdy refrained from answering the question for privacy reasons, they did respond to Friday’s interview.

As soon as the results of the investigation become clear, we will submit a report to the J-League and send out information in an appropriate manner.

The details will be reported in the September 10th issue of Friday, but what kind of “information” will be sent out?

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