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Don Juan’s murder case: Exclusive access to the original “suspicious handwriting” report!

New development in the will trial: All the letters in Kosuke Nozaki's handwriting, a key point of contention, are fake!

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Three months after Mr. Nozaki’s death, his friend (left) suddenly submitted his will. There are many mysteries about how he left the will.

All personal property will be transferred to Tanabe City.

Was the will, which said so, also a fake? ……

The trial over the will of Kosuke Nozaki, known as Don Juan of Kishu (77 years old), has taken a new turn and is attracting a lot of attention.

The will of Mr. Nozaki, who was murdered in his home in May ’18, was found three months after his death. A person claiming to be his longtime friend suddenly submitted it to the court through his lawyer, claiming that he had been entrusted with it by Don Juan.

In response to the contents of the will, Tanabe City announced its acceptance of the will in September 2007. In response, the bereaved family filed a lawsuit in April 2008, demanding ‘confirmation of the invalidity of the will.

The trial continued, but on December 6, Kyodo News reported that three expert opinions had been submitted, claiming that the handwriting in the will was fake. This seems to have come to light as a result of a close examination of court documents that were made available for viewing.

FRIDAY obtained a copy of the expert report more than a year ago, in October 2008 (third image). It reported the contents in detail.

The report was prepared by an appraiser from the “Japan Handwriting Appraisers Association”. The 41-page report compares the handwriting on the will with the handwriting on the “notarized deed” and other documents left behind by Mr. Nozaki before his death. In the 41-page analysis, he compared the handwriting on the will with the handwriting on the “notarial deed” that Mr. Nozaki left before his death.

“It is natural to assume that they are different strokes.

After the FRIDAY report, there were more reports.

After the FRIDAY report, the family of the deceased submitted two additional certificates, which differed slightly in content, but both concluded that the handwriting was that of a different person.

There are many points of contention in a will trial, such as the conditions of storage and the circumstances of submission, but there is no doubt that “handwriting analysis” will be an important point.

There is a lot of attention on whether Tanabe City will submit an expert opinion to counter the bereaved family. However, Tanabe City has not made any move to do so so far and continues to take the attitude of ‘considering whether or not to submit an expert report. Tanabe City may think that it is difficult to overturn the results of the appraisal submitted by the bereaved family and is trying to shift the issue of the authenticity of the handwriting from the point of contention.

In early October, Tanabe City suddenly filed for bankruptcy of two companies, including Aprico, which was run by Mr. Nozaki. It is said that Mr. Nozaki had some overpayment cases that he had to pay to Aprico, and that he wanted to get rid of them by making them bankrupt. Toyokichi Kashiyama, Nozaki’s brother, is very upset with the inexplicable attitude of Tanabe City.

Toyokichi Kashiyama, Nozaki’s brother, is upset about the attitude of Tanabe City, “Whether it’s the will trial or the filing for bankruptcy, I can only think that Tanabe City is trying to get Kosuke’s inheritance somehow. Is that the way of government? We, the bereaved families, don’t want Kosuke’s legacy. We just want the truth to come out.

Tanabe City has already allocated a huge budget of about 180 million yen to cover the cost of inheriting Nozaki’s estate. The city of Tanabe has already set aside a huge budget of about 180 million yen to pay for Nozaki’s inheritance.

His ex-wife, Saki, is still under detention at a jail in Wakayama City. I wonder what he is thinking about the will trial that is going on in his absence.
The will is written in red letters. Mr. Nozaki was known for his dislike of government officials, and his family is questioning the contents of the will.
Document A is the handwriting of a will, and Document B is the handwriting of a “notarized deed”. Comparing the two, the expert witness concluded that the handwriting was “different.
The handwriting in Document B is a messy “? is a characteristic of Mr. Nozaki’s handwriting. When compared to Document A, it can be seen that the handwriting is different.

From “FRIDAY” December 24, 2021 issue

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