Keiko Kitagawa’s “Bold Black Camisole Dress” Delights Fans…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Keiko Kitagawa’s “Bold Black Camisole Dress” Delights Fans…!

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Thank you for brightening up the world again this year…!

Actress Keiko Kitagawa’s “too-bold cami dress” is getting a lot of attention. This is the outfit she wore when she won the “2021 Aesthetic Best Beauty Woman” award, which is voted on by the readers of beauty magazine “Aesthetic”, and attended the award ceremony held in Tokyo on the 15th.

Kitagawa appeared in a black camisole dress. The distinctive feature of the dress was the white feather pattern on it. Her shoulders were boldly exposed, showing off her stunning body line. Her accessories such as earrings and bracelets were also impressive.

On receiving the award, Kitagawa expressed her gratitude.

Last year, I had a baby and a lot of new things happened. I didn’t have a lot of time to take care of myself, so I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my beauty, but I’m glad I worked so hard.

When asked about how to maintain her beauty, she replied, “It’s not the weight that matters.

When asked about how to maintain her beauty, she replied, “I think it’s not the weight that’s important, but the lines. I think the important thing is not the weight, but the line. Even if you are the same weight, you should be toned in areas where you can tighten up, and even if you are heavy, you should have muscles so that you look good for your age. If I’m not careful, I can become too thin, so I try to eat properly.

She also spoke abundantly about the year 2022.

This year has been very well-balanced. In the first half of the year, I was able to do a series of dramas and my work was fulfilling, and in the second half I was able to focus on my family. I want to take good care of my health and stay beautiful without resisting my age.

We can’t take our eyes off Kitagawa more and more. ……!

  • Photographed by Kazuhiko Nakamura

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