Gokumi’s Husband Alesi: “Firecrackers Causing Trouble for Our Daughter | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gokumi’s Husband Alesi: “Firecrackers Causing Trouble for Our Daughter

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Kumiko Goto (left) with mother and son Elena in July 2008.

Kumiko Goto, left, with mother Elena in July 2008. It was just a bad joke.”

The man reportedly denied the incident to the police, who appeared in person.

A little after 10:00 p.m. local time on December 19, an unbelievable disturbance occurred in Avignon, southern France. A large firecracker exploded in an architect’s office. Shutters and glass were destroyed. The person who set it off was a world famous driver.

The person who set the firecrackers off was a world-famous driver, Jean Alesi, 57, who made his debut in 1989 and competed in Formula One, the pinnacle of automobile racing. The architect is a brother-in-law who is in the middle of a divorce settlement with his sister. A neighbor, startled by the loud explosion, took note of the license plate number of a BMW driving away from the scene. From the license plate number, it was determined that the car belonged to Mr. Alesi’s brother, Jose Alesi. The police questioned Mr. Jose.

The next day, on the 20th, Mr. Alessi turned himself in to the police. He admitted that he had exploded a large firework that he had purchased in Italy. However, he said that he had no bad intentions and that the reason he caused the commotion was “a big joke to surprise my sisters. He also revealed that he, his son Giuliano (22), who started racing in 2013, and a friend were in the car.

The officials denied any “arrest.

Elena is the eldest daughter of Alesi and Kumiko Goto. She is active as a model. At the “Bulgari Awards” in December this year.

Mr. Alesi was taken for questioning and will be released on December 21. The office of Mr. Giuliano’s son denied some reports that Mr. Alesi was arrested and that Mr. Giuliano was an accomplice, and issued the following comments.

Jean Alesi himself is very sorry for the trouble he caused by breaking the window glass. Today (note: Dec. 22), we are in Avignon apologizing to all concerned.”

Mr. Alesi’s wife is the well-known actress Kumiko Goto (47). They have two sons and a daughter. They have two sons and a daughter, and it is the eldest daughter who may be in a worse position because of the current turmoil.

Elena Alessi Goto, 25, is a model active mainly in France, and attended a school in Switzerland from the age of four. She speaks six languages fluently, including French, English and Japanese.

She will be making her acting debut in the Sunday drama “DCU” (TBS), which will start on January 16 next year. On December 17, she updated her Instagram and said, “I am very honored to be able to work with the warm welcome of professionals.

However, the uproar over her father had dampened her spirits before her debut. As expected, her appearance in the drama will not be cancelled, but if she comes to Japan at this time ……, she will be under the scrutiny of curious eyes for a while.

The racing superstar’s “bad joke” will have no small effect on his family.

Elena is the eldest daughter of Alesi and Kumiko Goto. She is active as a model. At the Bulgari Awards in December this year.
Elena, the eldest daughter of Alesi and Kumiko Goto. She is active as a model. At the Bvlgari Awards in December this year.
Mr. Alesi caused a “firecracker ruckus” at the Bulgari Awards this December. He said the reason for the ruckus was “to surprise my acquaintances” (Image: Afro)
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