Ai Fukuhara’s ‘plundering’ relationship threatens to put her on China’s ‘blocked celebrities’ list | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ai Fukuhara’s ‘plundering’ relationship threatens to put her on China’s ‘blocked celebrities’ list

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Ai Fukuhara is reported to be in hot love with the person who allegedly had a W affair with her. Even though she is single…

It’s a headwind again.

Ai Fukuhara, who divorced Taiwanese table tennis player Jiang Hongjie in July, is said to have started an official relationship with a younger man, A, who was reported to have dated her in Yokohama at the beginning of the year. It was reported by “Shukan Bunshun” and “Josei Seven”.

Fukuhara denied any relationship at the time of the alleged affair. Although they stayed at the same hotel, she claimed that they had separate rooms.

Later, after her divorce was finalized in November, they officially started dating. They are said to be considering remarriage.

Both Ms. Fukuhara and Mr. A started dating soon after their divorce. Ms. Fukuhara has joint custody of her two children with her ex-husband. Sure enough, on the Internet

“I wonder what the kids will think.
What will the kids think?

I wonder what the kids will think.

In November, Fukuhara became a visiting associate professor at Aomori University, and in December he became an outside director of the management company of the men’s table tennis T-League team, Ryukyu Astrida.

It seems that the university and the Ryukyu side were informed of his relationship with Ms. A after the fact. I’m sure there will be people who will say, “He’s a top-notch table tennis player, but what about him as a member of society?

In the article, A’s ex-wife asserts that Fukuhara was the cause of the divorce. If this is true, it could be called “plunder. In Jiang’s hometown of Taiwan, this news was widely reported every day, and Taiwan’s “Liberty Times” reported

Taiwan’s “Free Times” reported that “Ai Fukuhara smelled a relationship coming early on.

The Taiwanese “Free Times” reported that “Ai Fukuhara has been hinting at a relationship since early on. The only post on December 16 on the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo, which Fukuhara continues to update, was a pair of stuffed bears, a man and a woman. I’ve been thoroughly defending Fukuhara.

Even in China, where Fukuhara has been thoroughly defended, something unusual seems to be happening. On the aforementioned Weibo

“She’s not the Ai of old anymore.
She destroyed her partner’s family.
I pity the child.

and “I pity the child.

Among the posts, the word “kill” caught my attention the most. This refers to a campaign under the policy of President Xi Jinping to eliminate vulgar and vulgar entertainment works and to crack down on morally deficient tendencies.

In September, a “celebrity blockade list” prepared by the Chinese authorities was leaked. The list is divided into three categories: “political issues,” “public morality violations,” and “lack of morals and norms,” and includes popular actress Vicky Chao, who appeared in the movie “Red Cliff,” popular actor Zhang Zehan, and This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.

China has been warmly watching Fukuhara, but this report may change the direction of the media. I’m not sure. Although Fukuhara denies it, if you look at the timeline of their relationship, it would appear that she and Mr. A had an “affair” and “plundered” each other. In China, there is an atmosphere of purging “unfaithful entertainers,” and as the people of China follow suit, the way they treat Ms. Fukuhara is changing.

Ms. Fukuhara has also been vigorously promoting herself in China. Last month, she posted on Weibo in Chinese.

I recently made a ping-pong table for my mother. I hope that many people will like table tennis.

I hope many people will like ping-pong. She was recently praised for playing ping-pong with her mother, Chiyo, who is physically disabled, on a ping-pong table that she made herself.

The news of his relationship with Ms. A may cut off such a positive trend in China. On the other hand, the “woman in love,” who has also been reported to be in love with Kei Nishikori and others, may want to spend her life with Mr. A, even if it means making sacrifices…

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