Cocomi and Koki’s “Sisterly Green Car Ride” Surprises Fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Cocomi and Koki’s “Sisterly Green Car Ride” Surprises Fans!

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The family is one of the closest!

Cocomi, a flutist and the eldest daughter of national idols Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, and Koki, a model and the youngest daughter, have been getting a lot of attention for traveling in a green car. Cocomi and Koki are famous for their close relationship, and they have been frequently posting pictures of their relationship on social networking sites to make the world smile.

Both Cocomi and Koki are extremely busy; Koki is suddenly starring in the movie “Cow’s Head Village,” which will be released next year, and Cocomi made her debut as a voice actress in the animated movie “Nikuko-chan at the Fishing Port. Koki and Cocomi are also ambassadors for global brands such as Chanel and Dior, respectively. They have received many inquiries from the media both in Japan and abroad, and their activities are expanding day by day.

In September, Koki posted on social media, “It was a really short time, but it was a fun date after a long time,” as they enjoyed a short break together in Roppongi.

The two were enjoying a short break together in Roppongi. The pictures were posted on the Shinkansen train, both in the green car. Although they are both young, it’s not surprising since the Kimura sisters are highly sought after on the world stage. There were comments on the Internet such as, “Did the office arrange this?

Cocomi and Koki’s presence is increasing day by day, and I’m sure they have the support of their families behind them. I hope they will be a close family for a long time to come. ……!

  • Photography Yusuke Kondo

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