K-1 girl who is both a black belt in Shorinji and a gal model…….Kaho Namikita’s “super cute” high kick is captured! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

K-1 girl who is both a black belt in Shorinji and a gal model…….Kaho Namikita’s “super cute” high kick is captured!

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Kaho Nabita, exclusive model for the gal magazine “nuts” and a black belt in Shorinji, is the most “twinkly” girl in the history of K-1 Girls!

Can I see your high kick right now?

The reporter asked, “Can I see your high kick right now?

She neatly lined up the high heels she had taken off and began stretching, and in just one minute, she was high, far above the level of her head, and with a sharp high kick! and then, in just one minute, she delivered a series of crisp high kicks, far higher than her head.

He is only 168 cm tall and has a high strike point!

He said, “A kicker’s right hand high kick is done after a big left hand swing, isn’t it? My high kick is characterized by keeping my hands in front of my body as I kick.

Kaho Nambita (20) has a background in Shorinji Kempo. She has been a black belt in Shorinji Kempo since she was 8 years old and has competed in national tournaments. On the other hand, she is also an exclusive model for the gal magazine “nuts,” taking advantage of her good looks and 168 cm height. As a “super-tuyokawa” girl who is both a black belt in Shorinji and a model, she was appointed vice-captain of the K-1 Girls for the year 2024.

Habita in elementary school. She attended Shorinji for eight years.

Thankfully, this will be my third year with the K-1 Girls. Basically, it is a one-year contract, and while most people change after one year, this is an exceptionally long time. …… When I heard about it, I couldn’t help but ask back, “Are you sure? When I was offered the job, I asked back, “Are you sure?

In Habita’s family in Kyoto, everyone from his grandfather on down is a K-1 fan. I don’t remember watching ‘Gaki Tashi’ on New Year’s Eve (laughs). It was all about martial arts, no questions asked.

We would watch K-1 live together, and my grandfather would say, ‘Beat him! Go! That was the original scene of my family reunion. I think I was still in early elementary school at the time, and my grandfather was cheering for him, saying, “He’s a hero of Japan! I vaguely remember my grandfather cheering for Magato, who was fighting against the world’s top fighters.

I started Shorinji because the father of a friend who went to kindergarten with me was a dojo teacher, but my grandfather was a big fan of Maasato and Musashi, and that, combined with my family environment, led me to inevitably grow up to be a “case wotaku” gal (laughs).

While watching a live broadcast, her father whispered to her, “You should become a K-1 Girls. When she received an invitation to audition for the K-1 Girls, “I felt like I was destined,” says Habita, who later began working as a model.

If my grandfather had not been a martial arts fan, I would not be where I am today. I immediately told my family that I was going to audition. But my grandfather got cancer and was hospitalized during the …… audition. I had planned to invite him to the tournament if he passed, but I couldn’t make it. I didn’t receive the acceptance letter until a week after my grandpa passed away.”

Still, Haboku looked forward. He reported his acceptance to his gravesite, invited his mother to the K-1 Osaka tournament, and realized that the support of his family had led him to where he is today while working for K-1 Girls.

When I was a student and wanted to have fun, it was really hard for me to go to Shorinji training three times a week, but my grandfather and parents supported me, telling me never to quit and that it was important to keep going. That is why I was able to continue until I earned my black belt and first dan. That’s why I’m being featured in this way. There are many other situations where the Shorinji comes into play.

For example, at the K-1 Awards, an annual awards ceremony, Kazuyoshi Ishii, 71, the director of the K-1 Center, suddenly started talking about the founder of Shorinji, Mune Doyomi, while giving a toast. Many people in the audience were stunned, but I was the only one who realized that he was talking about Mune Doyomi. I was the only one who realized it was about Michiomi Sou. At that time, I was so excited. I couldn’t share it with anyone else, so I was excited all by myself.

Even when I was watching a match, I knew in my head where the vital points were, so I could say, “Oh, he’s going for the crescent moon,” or “He’s going for the suigetsu! I can understand the player’s intention to attack more deeply. Masaaki Noichiro (31), a former K-1 fighter, used no motion in all of his attacks, and he was also aiming for kyusho. I was impressed by that. It is also an advantage to know the backbone of a fighter by his stance and the way he punches. For example For example, if a fighter punches with his side fist, you can tell that he has a background in karate. Well, none of the other K-1 Girls would understand me (laughs).

I’m the best gal among the K-1 girls, but I’m always overwhelmed by the nuts (laughs).
We are also actively working on gravure development~!”

AZABU presents K-1 WORLD MAX 2024″ will be held on July 7 at Yoyogi National Gymnasium 2nd Gymnasium to unveil the K-1 Girls for 2024.

The -55kg tournament will be held, and all eyes will be on Kohdai Kaneko (27), who is currently unbeaten. Will there be a fighter who can beat him? I would like to see a rivalry matchup with Masashi Kusura (25), who has lost twice to him so far, but each of them will face an unknown foreign fighter in the first round, right?

Also, Buacao (42), whom I used to watch with my family when I was a kid, will be competing in the -70kg tournament, which I learned about from my mother before I learned about it on the official K-1 YouTube (laugh). I’m really looking forward to this one too. 283 fights, 243 wins (74 KOs), isn’t his record buggy? (I asked my mom to send me a video of Buacao in his prime to study, but his punches and kicks are so fast and the sound is so bad! I’m so excited now that I get to see it right in front of me!”

In the era of K1, where aces such as Nogami and Takezo (32) have left the scene, Haboku’s guess is the “Hero of Iran,” Sina Karimian (36).

She is not only strong, but she is also an entertainer, stirring up her opponents at press conferences, mimicking other fighters as she enters the arena, and other scenes outside of the fights. I think that’s what makes him a professional. I wish more fighters like Karimian would come to Japan. I was watching YouTube videos of Yoshiki Takei (27), who switched from K-1 to become a bantamweight world champion, and he said, “I want more unique fighters to make K-1 more exciting. I agree with him.

Gyaru are flashy in appearance and tend to be seen as bad behavior, which is why they value courtesy so much. And they have strong feelings. People tend to focus on hair color and makeup, but what gal looks at is the mindset of the gal. It is the gyaru mindset. If they don’t like something, they don’t sneak around and say it to your face. If there is something you want to do, don’t retreat no matter what. Don’t be anxious. There are no negative people among the gals.

Yu-chami (22) is not so flashy in appearance, but I think she has a strong mindset. She doesn’t like to stay at home and invites me to go out with her at 10 p.m. in Shibuya. at 10 p.m. She invites me to go out with her. I think she’s a gal (laughs). (Laughs) I think that all fighters have a gyaru mindset, don’t they? Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to do such hard training. They don’t think about losing. That’s why all the fighters are gals (laughs).

It is a common understanding in any world that the pros are professionals only if they can attract people. The unique K-1 girl Habita is watching the rise of a new generation of fighters with a “gyaru” (gal) mindset from ringside.

Excellent sharpness! He has the stamina to kick many times for the camera!
Stretching and light weights are essential so that he can always kick high kicks.
Stretching and light weights are essential to be able to kick high kicks at any time.
Stretching and light weights are essential so that I can always kick high kicks.
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