Behind the scenes of the successful Tokyo Dome concert…the “problem” that casts a shadow over NewJeans. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind the scenes of the successful Tokyo Dome concert…the “problem” that casts a shadow over NewJeans.

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NewJeans” at the Billboard Women In Music Awards held in Los Angeles, CA in March. From left to right: HYEIN (16), HANNI (19), MINJI (20), DANIELLE (19), HAERIN (18) (Photo/Afro)

The five-member Korean female group “NewJeans” held their first Japan solo fan meeting at Tokyo Dome on June 26 and 27, attracting a total of 91,200 people over the two days.

The Tokyo Dome concert, held one year and 11 months after their debut, was the fastest in the history of foreign artists, and HYEIN, who had suspended their activities after suffering a microfracture in the back of their foot in April, made a comeback at the Dome concert.

On the first day, “NewJeans” performed with the music unit “YOASOBI,” with whom they collaborated on stage at last year’s Kohaku Uta Gassen on NHK, and on the second day, the Japanese female singer/songwriter Lina Sawayama (33) based in London, England, made a guest appearance.

The money spent on the stage, including the set and guests, was off the charts, symbolizing the group’s popularity and momentum. Furthermore, while other K-pop groups have overwhelmingly young female fans, the tempo and taste of the songs of “NewJeans” are appealing to middle-aged and older men as well. The male fans of “NewJeans” are the “NewJeans” fans. These male fans are called “Uncle NewJeans,” and on the first day of the concert, the audience cheered wildly. Perhaps aware of this, Hanni covered “Blue Coral Reef” by Seiko Matsuda (62) during the solo singing corner by the five members. I think the audience was most excited at that moment.

NewJeans” belongs to “ADOR,” a subsidiary of HYBE, a major general entertainment company in South Korea that owns BTS, a seven-member male group that has grown to become one of the world’s most popular groups. The company’s CEO, Min Hee-jin (44), is known as the group’s “creator” and has worked with popular groups such as “Girls’ Generation,” “EXO,” and “NCT. However, on April 22, a “domestic dispute” between HYBE and Mr. Min suddenly broke out.

The HYBE side conducted an internal audit of the company, claiming that ‘Representative Min and other ADOR management tried to take control of the company.’ The HYBE side filed criminal charges against Mr. Min on suspicion of a breach of trust in business. In contrast, Mr. Min said at a press conference held on March 25, “It is not that I betrayed HYBE, but that HYBE betrayed me. They are just using me and trying to trample on me,” he tearfully claimed. The Korean media reported the subsequent events in detail” (journalist familiar with the Korean entertainment industry).

After several court hearings and the submission of petitions in the name of the members of NewJeans, on May 30 the Seoul Central District Court ruled against Min’s dismissal, stating, “It may be an act of betrayal against HYBE, but it is difficult to consider it a breach of trust against ADOR. The court ruled against Min’s dismissal, saying, “Although it may be a breach of trust against HYBE, it is difficult to consider it a breach of trust against ADOR.

As for HYBE, it seems that it planned to remove Mr. Min to monopolize the interests of ‘NewJeans,’ but ultimately failed.” In addition, the ruling came with the condition that HYBE must pay 20 billion won (about 2.3 billion yen) in compensation if it forcibly removes Mr. Min.

The court’s decision to recognize Mr. Min’s achievements in growing “NewJeans” to this point and not to dismiss him easily prevented him from being dismissed at ADOR’s extraordinary shareholders’ meeting on May 31. However, with two of Min’s close associates dismissed and HYBE now in control of the board of directors, some are concerned that the conflict will be prolonged.

On the other hand, BELIFT LAB, a subsidiary of HYBE, to which the five-member girl group ILLIT belongs, was outraged by Min’s statement that “ILLIT is copying NewJeans,” and on May 22 filed a complaint against Min for obstruction of business and defamation of character. On May 22, he filed a lawsuit against Mr. Min for obstruction of business and defamation. In June, he also filed a civil lawsuit and released a 27-minute video rebuttal. This too is likely to cause an uproar in the future.

Although there was a “cut-throat” threat against “NewJeans” on the Internet just before the Tokyo Dome concert, the event went on as planned without incident. Mr. Min came to Japan with the members and made a surprise appearance at a “NewJeans” related event held in Tokyo. He also uploaded a two-shot photo on his Instagram with Hong Kong star actor Tony Leung (62), who came to the Dome performance because of his appearance in the music video for “NewJeans,” and others.

The Dome concert was a great success, attracting a large audience with gorgeous guests and performances. However, behind the scenes of the dazzling stage performance, the “tense mood” at the office side became a topic of conversation among the press.

The record company told us that if we were to mention Mr. Min in an article about the Tokyo Dome concert, we would have to confirm it in advance. After all, “NewJeans” is a band only because of Mr. Min, and the series of disturbances concerning HYBE had become quite a hot topic in Japan, so it was quite natural to mention two or three lines about him in the article. However, it was halfway through the article to mention HYBE in effect,” said a reporter in charge of music.

(A reporter in charge of music) Is it possible that they want to pretend that the internal dispute between Mr. Min and HYBE and the uproar over his comments about ILLIT “never happened” in Japan? It seems undeniable that a series of events have cast a dark shadow over “NewJeans. The members of NewJeans would have liked to have welcomed their first Tokyo Dome concert in peace. ……

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