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NEWS Koyama Shares Honeymoon Photos with AAA’s Uno on Social Media Fans React Strongly to This Unprecedented Event

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From right: Takahisa Masuda, Keiichiro Koyama, Yuya Tegoshi – Private attire at the annual New Year’s visit to the former Johnny’s Office (now ‘SMILE-UP.’) in 2016

Since the beginning of this year, talents from the former Johnny’s Office (now ‘SMILE-UP.’) have been experiencing a marriage rush. On June 7th, Daiki Arioka from Hey! Say! JUMP announced his marriage to actress Mayu Matsuoka. The date of their marriage was not disclosed, which has been praised as understanding fan psychology.

A marriage announcement is an event that puts fans who support that idol in a complex emotional state. Therefore, it is often the case that not much information is released out of consideration for the fans. In such a situation, recently, there is someone who is being heavily criticized by fans for excessive newlywed flaunting.

Arioka announced his marriage to Matsuoka on the official website of STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, the new company of former Johnny’s. “We do not plan to report on the date of our marriage registration or other details. We appreciate your understanding,” he declared.

“Many idol fans do not want to know about significant dates like the marriage registration day, as it makes them imagine the other woman. Withholding the registration date was probably Arioka’s way of being considerate. In the announcement for Hey! Say! JUMP fan club members, Arioka expressed his gratitude to the fans without using the word marriage. Fans have been deeply moved,” said an entertainment writer.

Among the former Johnny’s talents, Tsuyoshi Domoto from KinKi Kids announced his marriage to Kanako Momota from Momoiro Clover Z in January this year. On the 16th of the same month, Yuichi Nakamaru from KAT-TUN revealed that he had married former Nippon TV announcer Rina Sasazaki. In March, Shigeaki Kato from NEWS (whose partner is a non-celebrity) and Keiichiro Koyama from NEWS (whose partner is AAA’s Misako Uno) also announced their respective marriages.

On the June 11th broadcast of the variety show “Odoru! Sanma Goten!!” (Nippon TV), Nakamaru’s wife, Sasazaki, appeared. When host Akashiya Sanma brought up her marriage to Nakamaru, Sasazaki expressed, “We are both independent, so while I can talk about myself, I think it’s okay not to talk about each other.” Since Nakamaru himself doesn’t publicly share much about his married life, fans on social media praised her:

“She’s truly Nakamaru-kun’s wife. It’s wonderful that she doesn’t talk about him more than necessary.”
“She doesn’t hide the fact that she’s married, but she doesn’t go out of her way to talk about it. I thought it was a model answer for an idol’s wife.”

These comments were met with widespread praise.

In stark contrast to Nakamaru and others, Koyama has been criticized for being “too giddy.” He made a guest appearance on the June 7th broadcast of “Discover! Takatoshi Land” (Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting). During the filming in Hokkaido with Toshi from Taka and Toshi, they visited a ramen shop.

Upon learning that the shop had been run by a couple for many years, Koyama said to the wife, “I’m newly married,” and asked, “Do you have any tips for a harmonious marriage?” Additionally, there was a commotion on April 29th when Koyama was reported to have rushed to his wife’s event site.

“He went to the venue of Uno’s talk show in Tokyo, and took the bold action of offering his own personal sunglasses as a prize in the gift raffle. It seems Uno was unaware that Koyama was there, and the host, Asako Ito, found him watching from backstage and was surprised,” said the aforementioned entertainment writer.

Recently, Koyama and Uno’s Instagram accounts have been attracting attention.

“On June 7th and 8th, Uno posted pictures and videos in a Yomiuri Giants uniform, showing her watching a baseball game at the stadium. Meanwhile, on the 6th, Koyama mentioned during his live appearance on ‘Yonchan TV’ (MBS Mainichi Broadcasting) that he watched the Giants vs. Chiba Lotte Marines game at Tokyo Dome the previous day. They were likely enjoying a date together. This means the photos and videos on Uno’s Instagram were probably taken by Koyama. Fans of NEWS noticed this and have been lamenting on social media, saying that it’s tough to see their baseball game date,” said the same source.

Furthermore, on the 15th, Koyama updated his Instagram, posting a picture of the ocean. He has been posting photos taken in Hawaii daily, and on the 19th, he used the hashtag “#hawaii.” Although there is no explicit mention of being in Hawaii on Uno’s Instagram (as of the 20th), a photo uploaded on the 18th includes palm trees and an ocean-like background. This suggests the possibility that they are on a honeymoon. Regarding Koyama’s current actions, fans have reacted:

“Koyama posting about his honeymoon all over Instagram is disappointing. This is unacceptable for an idol.”
“Anyone can see they went to Hawaii together. It’s clear Uno will eventually post about Hawaii too.”
“An idol posting tons of photos from his trip with his wife is unprecedented.”
“If he’s thinking about experiencing Hawaii with me, he’s completely mistaken. He needs to remember there are fans who are hurt by this reality of his marriage.”

There are also those who feel a strong sense of aversion. The former Johnny’s office has produced numerous idols, and only a few talents have used their own marriages as content. How Koyama perceives the severe opinions of his fans remains to be seen.

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