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Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn Delighted in Photo at 3.15 Million Yen Seminar

Exclusive Scoop] Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn gave a number of high-priced lectures to local executives! Enjoying the celebrity life in a mansion in Beirut, Lebanon owned by Nissan.

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At the final session of the seminar, defendant Ghosn gives a greeting. The lectures focused on crisis management and success strategies.

In a photo, a man with a pleased expression stands at the dais giving a speech. He is Carlos Ghosn (70), former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Charged with financial misconduct including violations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Ghosn fled to Lebanon in December 2019. Despite international arrest warrants issued by Japan and France, Ghosn, now residing at a Catholic university in his place of refuge, astonishingly conducts business seminars as a professor.



“The seminar, named ‘Business Strategy and Performance,’ is in its fourth year. With Mr. Ghosn’s connections, prominent executives from around the world are invited to participate in intensive lectures. According to university sources, Ghosn is enthusiastic each time, saying, ‘I want young Lebanese entrepreneurs who will lead the next generation to inherit my global experience.'”

According to the seminar brochure, targeted at executives, 12 sessions were held from March to May over six days. Limited to 20 participants, each session included three-hour lectures and workshops. The lineup of instructors included top officials from Italy’s railway operator and former presidents of Chanel Japan, with participation fees set at $20,000 (approximately 3.15 million yen). Online participation costs $15,000 (approximately 2.36 million yen), indicating its high cost.

Privately, acquaintances report that Mr. Ghosn enjoys a celebrity lifestyle to the fullest.

“He currently resides with his wife in a luxurious mansion in Beirut, owning banks, private clubs, wineries, and facing restitution lawsuits from Nissan. Recently, on a television program, he claimed that allegations against him were merely conspiracies fabricated by Nissan and judicial authorities. Mr. Ghosn remains assertive due to the absence of an extradition treaty between Lebanon and Japan, reportedly boasting, ‘As long as I’m in Lebanon, I can arrange anything.'”

Last May, Mr. Ghosn filed a lawsuit against Nissan seeking $1 billion (approximately 157.5 billion yen) in damages. However, the preliminary hearing scheduled for September of the same year did not proceed as Nissan did not attend.

“Unofficially, Lebanon’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, prioritizing its relations with Japan, has refused to transfer the legal documents related to Mr. Ghosn’s lawsuit against Nissan. This means Nissan officials may be tried in Lebanon.”

Antoine Traboulsi, a lawyer who served as director of Lebanon’s State Security Agency, criticizes Mr. Ghosn’s lawsuit.

“He is suing over events that occurred during his time at Nissan, which have no relevance to Lebanon. This lawsuit should proceed in Japan where the events took place.”

Seemingly to evade inconvenient developments, Mr. Ghosn appears determined to continue residing in Lebanon.

The participants in the seminar are executives such as senior management and entrepreneurs. In the center of the front row is defendant Ghosn.

From the July 5 and 12, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

  • Interview and text by Masayoshi Katayama


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