A character suffers amnesia……4Monthly drama series “5 dramas have the same settings” shows the industry and viewers’ respective circumstances. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A character suffers amnesia……4Monthly drama series “5 dramas have the same settings” shows the industry and viewers’ respective circumstances.

Serials: The Staff Saw It All! Weekly Inside story of Television

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The fact that there were five serial dramas broadcast this April season in which characters had amnesia has become an issue in the drama industry.

Meguro of “Snow Man” on location for “Umi no Hajimari” in a residential area near Shimokitazawa Station in late May. He plays the role of a father for the first time in this film by the “silent” team.

It is no secret that the number of broadcast slots has increased as drama productions have become easier to monetize due to the popularity of “catch-up” distribution. However, since budgets and production are limited, it is easy to overlap with cheap dramas,” said a producer at a key station.

Dramas in the July airing season include “Umi no Hajimari” (Fuji TV) starring Ren Meguro (27) of “Snow Man” and “Saionji-san wa Kaji-shinai” (TBS) featuring Hokuto Matsumura (29) of “SixTONES”, both of which are set as “single fathers”.

However, “Umi no Hajimari” is based on an original script, so a novel setting would have been possible. A novel setting would have been possible, but in the drama industry, you have to convince the sponsors and the upper management of the station to get your project through. Inevitably, the drama tends to be set up in a cheap way that looks like something we’ve seen somewhere else,” said a director of a production company.

According to a senior entertainment industry executive, one of the reasons for the similarities is that terrestrial dramas are produced with a casting process in mind.

“It is very difficult to get sponsors these days. It is important to use actors who have appeared in commercials of sponsors attached to the broadcast slot, and to secure popular actors who can get good numbers for the time being. If you use actors who have appeared in commercials, you will have to deal with the sponsor’s contractual restrictions. Therefore, the scripts are inevitably set in safe settings, such as romance or professional stories.

A producer at a key station mentioned above believes that “the change in viewing habits these days is also contributing to the lack of a common setting.

The number of viewers who decide whether or not to watch a show based on the first ten minutes alone has increased. If a show stars an actor who is talented but not well-known, or if the storyline is too slow, it will be cut off. That is why the casts tend to have similar faces, and easy-to-understand settings, such as amnesia, are valued.

Sexy Tanaka-san” (NTV), based on the manga of the same name, caused a major problem when the author’s intentions were disregarded in its dramatization, and this producer warned that the same tragedy could happen again.

The producer warned, “The same tragedy could happen again.” “Terrestrial TV dramas are often watched while cooking dinner, for example, so they need to be flashy and easy to understand in order to be understood. Even if a scene has an important meaning in the original story, if it is quiet or there is no movement, it is cut or treated carelessly. I am sure that there will be more such sloppy alterations of the original work in the future.

A senior executive at an entertainment company laments, ” Even the agencies that I work for are having a hard time with the way the settings are being changed.

When we are offered a film, only a rough plot is decided, and we often find out the setting just before the film is to be cranked. There have even been cases where actors from the same agency have found themselves in the same scene.

Stopping the overproduction of films may ultimately save the industry.

From theJuly5 and 12, 2024 issues of FRIDAY

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