A Look at Kabukicho’s Viral Reality through Mucous Membranes and Nipples | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A Look at Kabukicho’s Viral Reality through Mucous Membranes and Nipples

The Piena reality as depicted by a writer who graduated from Keio University and is a hos-crazed writer: Reiwa 6 years, Kabukicho is now ...... #98

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Cast members who abuse backstage options are a headache for the store. Please be careful of STDs!

A series of crackdowns on brothels is occurring. By June 17, 23 employees of a group operating delivery health under names like “Natural Amateur Overdoing Girls” were arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department.

The arrests stemmed from statements by multiple women who were caught soliciting clients near Okubo Park, claiming they worked as delivery health girls for “Overdoing Girls” and provided sexual services. During interviews for employment at “Overdoing Girls,” it was reportedly conveyed that “our shop is a full-service establishment.”

“In many establishments, full-service is often assumed. When I was working temporarily in Mito, they have a culture known as ‘Mito style,’ where there are fewer soaplands, so most delivery health services operate under the assumption of full-service. There are also forms like ‘DC (Date Club),’ where salaries are a bit higher in exchange for full-service expectations. Surprisingly, even in delivery health, there are shops that provide condoms.”

 Haruka (pseudonym, 24), who speaks like this, has been working in various types of sex industry establishments such as soaplands and illegal massage parlors since she was 20 years old.

“In delis where full service is prohibited, it’s easier to negotiate off the books. They’ll say, ‘It’s technically not allowed, but off the record, it’s 20,000 yen with a condom, 30,000 yen raw ♡.’

But nowadays, the sex industry is strict everywhere, so there are girls who offer full service without extra charge. That’s why diseases like syphilis are spreading like crazy among deli girls recently. I was scared of that, so I switched to soapland where they have a thorough system for STD checks.”

At an illegal men’s club where she worked for a short time before working at a soap, she was told, “It’s up to you to decide how much you want to offer and how much you want to get a regular client.” 

The store also explained to him that the sexual intercourse was an under-the-counter service.

“In massage parlors offering without extraction services, it’s the impression that every establishment tacitly condones actual intercourse. If the shop instructs it, it could be seen as managing prostitution, but as long as the girls do it on their own initiative, it’s considered okay.

However, of course, you have to get tested for STDs on your own, and if you do catch something, you can just use your hands instead of going all the way, so it’s okay. I used to go to work even if I had chlamydia. Sometimes, you see girls covered in so many red spots that you can’t help but laugh and think, ‘Clearly, that’s syphilis.'” (Haruka)

Due to the current state of the sex industry, there’s been an increase in male clients shifting towards sex clubs recently.

“I actually enjoy frequenting the sex industry. But the other day, I ended up catching an STD from a masseuse I’d requested before. I was like, ‘I’m never going to a place like that again!’ But then I thought maybe it’d be okay to just touch and suck on some boobs without kissing at a sex club.

But then, just from sucking on nipples, I ended up catching the flu. Probably because the guy before me had the flu, haha. It’s the worst—STDs are spreading in the sex industry, and at sex clubs, you can catch the flu from indirect kisses through nipple sucking.”

“If it’s just this much,” and he went to a sex club, but the girls working there don’t like their skin getting rough, so they wipe it off with a towel without alcohol disinfection.

In the first place, it is almost impossible to reduce the risk of infection with mucous membranes through contact with strangers

From “FRIDAY,” July 5 and 12

  • Interview and text Sasaki Chihuahua

    Born in Tokyo in 2000. After attending an integrated school in Tokyo from elementary school to high school, he went on to Keio University. He is studying the sociology of downtown areas including Kabukicho. After graduation, he worked as a writer. His new book "Host! Tachinbo! To Yoko! Overdose na Hito-tachi" (Kodansha) is now on sale!

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