Hara, Usui, Ogoshi… “Dressed up” professional female golfers who captured the eyes with their sexy outfits. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hara, Usui, Ogoshi… “Dressed up” professional female golfers who captured the eyes with their sexy outfits.

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From left to right, Reika Usui, Miyu Abe, and Shigeka Miyata participated in the eve of the event.

On June 25, the eve of the “Shiseido Ladies Open 2024” (Totsuka Country Club West Course) was held at a hotel in Yokohama. The eve of the event is only open to the press for a limited number of times a year, and the women’s players’ outfits, which are rarely seen on the course, drew a lot of attention.

The hair and makeup of the dressed-up female pros was done by the Shiseido Hair and Makeup Artists Team, who have worked backstage at fashion collections in Paris, New York, and other cities. The top-notch skills of the team brought out a different side of the women from the competition, and the tension among the female professionals was at its peak.

Reika Usui (25), who won the AXARE DIS Golf Tournament in MIYAZAKI in late March for the first time on tour, wore a long black dress with an off-the-shoulder tight fit. She also wore a sexy see-through dress around her stomach that caught the eyes of everyone around her.

She wore not one but two colors of blush. I don’t draw my eyeliner this firmly, but I like it because it’s quite firm. I’ve been told I wear too much makeup, so I’ve been trying not to use too much, but I’ve learned a lot.

Fans commented, “You definitely mistake me for a model or actress! ><She was pleased with the professional makeup, receiving comments such as, “You could definitely mistake me for a model or actress!

When Usui was interviewed by FRIDAY Digital in April, she appeared in a red dress with see-through legs; she had studied ballet, voice lessons, jazz dance, and musicals for 10 years since she was 3 years old, and had aspirations to become a famous actress, so she seems to pay more attention than others to what she wears, how she looks, and the impression she gives people, She seems to pay more attention to what she wears, how she looks, and the impression she makes on others.

Also, Minami Hiruta (26), who tied for 8th place on the first day of the 27th, four shots behind the leader, excitedly revealed, “I’m not going to be able to do this.

I couldn’t have done it by myself. It was a great experience and I am super happy. The makeup was natural but made me look good. It was done by a very skilled person.

Reiko Ito was in charge of the makeup for Hinako Yamauchi (28), who was photographed with Hiruta. Ito is a Shiseido hair and makeup artist whose hair and makeup have been featured in magazines and whose work is highly acclaimed by actresses and models.

She said, “I focused on the lips rather than the eyes. Since I was wearing a pants suit, I wanted to make it look a little cool, so I used brown lips to give the whole look a cool look. She said she doesn’t usually wear nose shadow, so I added a bit of shadow to give her a more lively look.

With the number of midsummer days increasing, it is the season for professional women golfers to be concerned about sunburn and makeup breakdown, and how to deal with them. Ms. Ito revealed the key points to keep in mind when applying makeup during this season.

For athlete makeup, I use water-proof items that can withstand sweat and water. It is also very important to cool the skin with skincare before using a foundation or primer that will not easily fall apart. It is also important to use a cotton mask or a sheet mask to soothe the skin while providing moisture to prevent breakdown. It is also recommended that you decide on the main part of your makeup, such as around the eyes and mouth, rather than “piling on” everything, so that it does not fall apart and is easy to fix.

The players, who have found a new self through professional make-up, have been competing since the 27th to win the 21.6 million yen prize money, but the 28th was cancelled due to stormy weather, and the 54-hole event was shortened. Who will win?

From left to right: Hana Waki, Nana Suganuma, and Erika Hara.
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Hikaru Yoshimoto (left) and Hina Aragaki, who is aiming for her second win this season
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