Hiroto Kiritani, a shareholder who “thought he was infected with a virus” and talked about it on X… “Fear of Adult Website Scams” by Hiroto Kiritani, a shareholder | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroto Kiritani, a shareholder who “thought he was infected with a virus” and talked about it on X… “Fear of Adult Website Scams” by Hiroto Kiritani, a shareholder

FRIDAY Digital's entertainment desk, Norifumi Arakida, talks about "irresistible" stories in the entertainment world.

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Ms. Kiritani talks about the fear of scam adult sites and living a life of “shareholder’s privilege. She seems to be somewhat down in the dumps. ……

On Sunday, I was browsing an adult site and was infected with a virus, which made incessant noises and took over the lower right corner of my screen.

The person who made such a post, almost like a scream, was Hiroto Kiritani, a professional Go player who became popular for his “shareholder benefits” lifestyle on “Monday to Night Fakashi” (Nippon Television Network) and other programs. His confession, which did not fit his character, and his overly honest story immediately became a topic of conversation on the Internet.

The X posted on June 26 was viewed nearly 35 million times and received 240,000 “Likes” (as of June 30). In the comments section, the following was posted,

If this were aired on Monday Night Fakashi, it would be a definite God episode.

It’s the kind of happening that Matsuko would tease us about on “Yoru Fukashi.

“For your information, could you tell us what kind of adult sites you were looking at?

Please tell us what kind of adult sites you were looking at, for your information,

I would like to take this opportunity to …….

The situation is truly festive, with sales pitches even coming from the sexy actress herself.

The issue of Ms. Kiritani’s adult site scam has been a hot topic on the Internet. When we asked her about it, she told us about a horrifying experience that can never be “laughed off.

It was around noon on the 23rd. I was browsing an adult site when a high-pitched alarm like a “win, win” sound began to emit. I thought I had done it again, so I immediately turned off the power. ……” (Hereinafter, “” in parentheses is Ms. Kiritani.)

According to Mr. Kiritani, he has experienced this kind of situation about 10 times in the past. On those occasions, the system returned as if nothing had happened after rebooting, but this was not the case this time.

He said, “I restarted the system several times, but the warning sound kept coming on again in the same way. And then 10 or 20 “Serious Virus Alert” messages kept appearing in the lower right corner of the screen, and they never went away.

Your PC is in danger. When I clicked on it, the alert would appear on the entire screen. I had no choice but to pay for it.

This is an alarm that deceives you with the name of a real security software. Moreover, the same alarm kept going off on both of the two computers he used for stock trading, and his impatience reached its peak.

Ms. Kiritani, who dared to speak out in order to spread awareness of the horrors of scam adult websites, is now available at …….

The first time I saw the warning message, it said, “If you don’t remove it within five minutes, it will be ruined,” and then it said, “Half price if you remove it within five minutes,” or “7,500 yen if you sign up for a one-year contract, Anyway, the warnings kept popping up, as if they were rushing me.

So I decided to pay the 15,000 yen. But I am really bad at using computers, so I couldn’t pay it in the end. So, I got in trouble and asked my friend for help so that I could pay.

Ms. Kiritani was completely caught up in the scam. However, her lack of computer knowledge was a blessing in disguise, and she was able to avoid the damage just before paying the money.

A friend of mine who knows computers came over the next night and took a look at it, and told me that it wasn’t a virus, but a “pop-up scam,”” she said. He took various countermeasures, but I was still getting warnings and alerts. The next day, a friend of mine came over to help me with countermeasures, and the alarms finally went away.

After the incident ended without any damage, Mr. Kiritani treated his friend to yakiniku (grilled meat) with a “coupon” as a thank-you for his friend. The buzz was generated by her posting on X about the incident and the adult site scam.

Why did Ms. Kiritani encounter the adult site scam? When we asked her about it, she laughed, a little embarrassed,

I had an adult DVD that I acquired more than 10 years ago, and I heard that an “uncensored” video of her was available on the Internet, so I was tempted to watch it. So I searched for her and clicked on the videos in the order they appeared, starting from the top, and ended up at …….”

I searched for her and clicked on the videos in the order they appeared, from the top to the bottom, and found . However, Ms. Kiritani is proud of the fact that she disclosed the damage.

I don’t think I did anything shameful. Rather, I posted it on X because I thought there might be people who continue to pay money without talking to anyone because it is an adult site.

If I was asked for 200,000 or 300,000 yen, I would think that I should buy a new computer, but if it was only 10,000 or 20,000 yen, I think there are many people like me who thought, “Let’s just pay it. And they may continue to pay it even now.

If you are a man, you may have seen adult sites at least once. Scam groups take advantage of such men’s weakness to deceive them.

Anyway, even if you hear a warning tone and see a message, don’t be in a hurry to pay. Never give out your credit card or account number. You might possibly get a large amount of money taken from you.

And, although it may be embarrassing, you should consult your family or acquaintances. I was saved from being cheated on the verge by consulting my friends. ……”

Ms. Kiritani sounded the alarm bells with her own experience. Perhaps there are people close to you who have fallen for scam adult sites and are troubled by them. ……

A series of alerts appeared in the name of a real security software and ……
Ten to twenty warnings appear one after another with a rattling alarm sound…
Kiritani’s post (from Official X), which received over 35 million views for its honest confession.
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