Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “It’s finally out” Weekly magazine “vs. Bunshun” off-the-cuff battle with the victim woman’s continued report that she “did not intend to accuse” the victim. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “It’s finally out” Weekly magazine “vs. Bunshun” off-the-cuff battle with the victim woman’s continued report that she “did not intend to accuse” the victim.

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Due to the trial with Bunshun, Matsumoto Hitoshi is on a hiatus from entertainment activities. ……

New information about Downtown’s Matsumoto Hitoshi, who is on hiatus, was reported in the June 25 issue of Shukan Josei (Shufu To Seikatsu Sha).

According to the magazine, Ms. X, who reportedly accused Matsumoto of sexual assault in “Bunshun,” told people around her that she “did not intend to accuse him of the crime.

“I did not intend to accuse Matsumoto of sexual assault.

According to the same magazine, Ms. X, who reportedly made the accusation to “Bunshun” about Matsumoto’s alleged sexual assault, has reportedly told people around her that she “never intended to accuse him. Speaking of “Shukan Josei,” in early January, when “Shukan Bunshun” was intensely pursuing Matsumoto, Kazutaka Ozawa of “Speed Wagon,” who attended the women, received a message from a female victim,

Mr. Matsumoto was really, really nice. ……

Matsumoto then posted a screenshot of a picture of his smartphone with a “thank you” e-mail from the victim women to “Speed Wagon” Kazutaka Ozawa, who had attended to the women. Matsumoto quoted part of the message on X (formerly Twitter),

“It’s finally out, isn’t it?

It became a big topic of conversation. This was followed by this report in Shukan Josei (Weekly Woman). A confession from the victim woman’s side would seem to be a major shift in the tide. However, the media is in a “wait-and-see” mood.

If Ms. X is either Ms. A or Ms. B, it would not be surprising if Bunshun’s allegation collapses, but from what I read in the magazine, there is little chance of that.

If so, then, is she someone close to Mr. A and Mr. B?

I was one of the people who made an accusation to Bunshun about the alleged sexual abuse.

“who made accusations of sexual assault to Bunshun.

“He is also active in the entertainment industry.

The magazine only mentions that Ms. X is “one of the people who made an accusation to Bunshun about alleged sexual assault.

It is not clear from reading the article which of the 10 or more women who appeared in the “Matsumoto Pursuit Campaign” in Bunshun, Ms. X is the one who made the accusation.

The sports newspaper is also hesitant to make a move because there are so many unknowns,” he said. If the sports papers don’t report it, TV won’t cover it. Mr. Matsumoto is suing only for the initial report in which Mr. A and Ms. B appeared. The “Weekly Woman” article may refer to something that happened at a drinking party that was not the subject of the lawsuit. Even if so, if Mr. Matsumoto reacts with X and so on, as he did in January, we can make an article about it. ……” (sports newspaper reporter)

For Matsumoto’s side, it is not a bad story to have these reports pop up. Mr. X, a participant in the drinking party, said.

“I did not intend to press charges.

“I was not aware that I had been harmed.

This would give the impression of Matsumoto’s innocence. It is truly an “off-the-cuff” battle between “Shukan Bunshun” and “Shukan Josei.

In the trial, Matsumoto’s side asked for personal information about the victim, which I think was intended to put pressure on Ms. A and Ms. B. For Matsumoto’s part, the two women were not the only ones who were not guilty of the crime. For Mr. Matsumoto’s side, it is expected to be a tough fight if both of them are on the stand, and it would be better if Mr. A and Ms. B back down.

In response, Yoichi Kitamura, a lawyer representing Bunshun, completely ignored the “demand for a personal appearance. He was solemnly sorting out the points of contention. Then, Matsumoto’s side added a claim for compensation for absence from work during the period of inactivity on top of the 550 million yen in damages. The amount is unknown, but a person in Matsumoto’s class would have an annual income in excess of 100 million yen. The total amount of the lawsuit could be more than 1 billion yen.

I think this is another way of putting pressure on him by making the amount bigger,” said a legal expert.

The fierce bargaining continues outside of the courtroom as well. So, Matsumoto asked “How do you feel about this report by “Weekly Woman”?” (a legal representative) and asked the office of his attorney, “How do you feel about this report in the Weekly Women?

I cannot accept individual questions.

“I can’t answer individual questions,” he replied.

Matsumoto’s trial is now in the midst of a protracted battle. The “psychological battle” is likely to continue until the day of the verdict.

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