Murder of Mr. and Mrs. Nasu: Manami Manami, Eldest Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Takarajima, Arrested for “Distorted Family Relationships That Emerge” and “Motive for the Crime | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Murder of Mr. and Mrs. Nasu: Manami Manami, Eldest Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Takarajima, Arrested for “Distorted Family Relationships That Emerge” and “Motive for the Crime

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A family group photo that the arrested suspect Manami (center left) uploaded to a social networking site.

Here is one group photo. In the photo, which appears to have been taken in a snowy country, the family is huddled together in a friendly manner, smiling happily. However, Ryutaro Takarajima, 55, and his wife Sachiko, 56, were murdered in April of this year and are no longer with us. Furthermore, the couple’s eldest daughter, Manami, 31, was arrested on June 27 on suspicion of murder for her involvement in their murders.

The incident came to light in April of this year when the burned bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Takarajima were discovered in Nasushiobara, Tochigi Prefecture. Subsequently, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested a number of suspects, including a former child actor, Yohito Wakayama (Kirato, 20), who was believed to be the perpetrator of the murders, and Hikaru Sasaki (28), who was the instructor. Finally, six people were arrested, including the main suspect, Manami’s common-law husband, Makoto Sekine (32).

Manami had been in the line of investigation from the beginning because she was related to the main suspect, Sekine, and was the victim’s daughter. However, no conclusive evidence was found to prove her involvement in the murder. This time, the police took the time to analyze the huge amount of history left on her smartphone and other devices, and discovered that Sekine had sent messages such as “I’ll make them (Mr. and Mrs. Takarajima) disappear” to the suspect Manami. The suspect was arrested on the grounds that he was now a solid suspect.

Based on security camera footage near the scene of the couple’s murders, it is believed that Manami was not present at the scene. However, it is believed that she may have been consulted by Sekine, the suspect’s common-law husband, about the murder plan in advance.

Did Manami really have her hands on her parents? The investigation revealed a special family relationship.

To begin with, Manami is not Ryutaro’s biological child. Sachiko was remarried, and Manami is her stepdaughter. However, this does not seem to have caused the family to have a particularly bad …… relationship. The suspect Manami also frequently uploaded family photos on her SNS. Furthermore, the staff at the izakaya owned by Mr. and Mrs. Takarajima also said that they did not have such an impression.

The arrest was made more than two months after the incident occurred. What was the motive? …… (from his SNS)

It has been reported that the main suspect Sekine and Mr. and Mrs. Takarajima had long been at odds over the business policies of their restaurants. The suspect, Manami, who had no serious family problems, did not consult with the police when she learned of the plan to commit the crime.

It is true that Sekine sent messages to Manami saying, “I’ll make them disappear,” “I’ll make them unable to walk here,” and so on. However, the police believe that it was Sekine who initiated the plan. It is also known that Sekine actually communicated with the other directing officers and paid more than 15 million yen as the price for the crime. Whether Manami simply failed to stop her husband’s outburst or whether she was actively involved is still under investigation.

The Metropolitan Police Department has not revealed the admission or denial of the suspect Manami. It is also reported by some that the domestic relationship with Sekine had already broken down, and it is unclear whether Manami was deeply involved in the case.

Was this incident, after all, initiated by the Sekine suspect in the midst of a management policy dispute? On the other hand, the aforementioned investigator revealed, “We cannot deny the possibility that Manami was blinded by money.

Originally, Manami was a director of a company owned by Mr. Takarajima. However, according to the company’s registration, she was removed from the board of directors in January of this year. But according to the company registration, she was removed from the board in January of this year. After the death of her parents, she returned to the board. The police believe that the removal from the board of directors may have been one of the motives for the crime. The investigation is underway to prove that he was involved in planning the murder, not as an aider and abettor, but as a ‘co-conspirator.

The number of arrests in this case finally totaled seven. With the arrest of Manami, will the full details of this “exceptional murder case” be revealed?

Manami Manami, a suspect being transferred (photo has been partially processed)
Manami Manami being transferred (photo has been doctored)
Manami suspect being transferred (photo has been doctored)
Manami suspect being transferred (photo has been doctored)
Manami suspect being transferred
  • PHOTO. Shinji Hasuo (transferred)

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