Ariyoshi and Natsume, Watabe and Sasaki Nozomi… “Comedians and entertainers” in hot love! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ariyoshi and Natsume, Watabe and Sasaki Nozomi… “Comedians and entertainers” in hot love!

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Hiroyuki Ariyoshi ♡ Mitsuhisa Natsume ’21 June 25, 2009

Their love affair was discovered five years ago. Since then, there have been no sightings or follow-up reports, and there were even rumors of a breakup, but Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (47) and Mitsuhisa Natsume (37) have been quietly nurturing their love. After their marriage, they became more open, taking “honeymoon trips.

A few years ago, I had a chance to talk with the winner of the “M-1 Grand Prix. The words of the champion are still fresh in my mind.

He said, “The world has changed since I won the M-1 Grand Prix. I used to be ignored by women, but in the past year, 200 of them have come to me.

It’s true that comedians of the highest caliber are popular. This magazine has seen many dates between comedians with good looks that anyone would envy, such as the 18 pairs we have selected for this issue. Even in 2025, Ryota Yamasato (44) of the Nankai Candies, who is popular for his backstabbing of the unattractive, won the big prize of Yu Aoi (36).

He said, “Many comedians are good listeners, so their conversations turn pleasantly. Their reactions are good, and they basically praise and lift people up, so many people feel kind and comfortable with them. They think it’s natural to be rejected, so it’s probably good that they don’t go for the ‘love mount’.

Let’s hear what the women have to say. A young TV writer laughs, “Once you get used to drinking with comedians, it becomes painful to meet with good-looking celebrities.

“If you’re a successful comedian, your income is more stable than a bad actor or model, and if you’re good enough to be the MC, you’ll be able to give top-notch attention. Compared to handsome actors, idols, and poor singers who don’t make much money but are ‘orei-sama’ (bossy), it’s easy to be with them. Mr. Yamasato and Mr. Ariyoshi (Hiroyuki) are very quick-witted when you talk to them. I think there are a lot of women who fall in love with them because they look sexy in that gap.

It’s not like he’s a big star or anything. Let’s take a look back at the real faces and secrets of popular comedians.

Ken Anjash Watabe ♡ Nozomi Sasaki ’19 Dec. 27, 2007

Anjash Ken Watabe ♡ Nozomi Sasaki

Ken Watabe (48), who uses his hobbies such as high school baseball and gourmet food in his work, has even been chosen to be the MC of an information program. His wife, Nozomi Sasaki (33), was at the peak of her career when this magazine photographed their date at a gourmet restaurant.

Nankai Candies Ryota Yamasato ♡ Yu Aoi Dec. 11, 2008

Nankai Candies Ryota Yamasato ♡ Yu Aoi

Yu Aoi, 36, who has been involved with a number of prominent actors, including Junichi Okada, 40, some people wondered if she would be okay with Ryota Yamasato, 44, as her husband, but after a year and a half of marriage, their family is still happy.

Oriental Radio Atsuhiko Nakata ♡ Moe Fukuda ’13 Jan. 25

Oriental Radio Atsuhiko Nakata ♡ Moe Fukuda

“Oriental Radio’s Atsuhiko Nakata, 38, left Yoshimoto and left Japan, saying, “I’m not good at keeping in line with other comedians. The sociable Moe Fukuda, 36, bridges the gap between her wayward husband and the entertainment industry. They are the ideal couple who complement each other.

FUJIWARA Toshifumi Fujimoto♡Yukina Kinoshita May 28, 2010

FUJIWARA Toshifumi Fujimoto♡Yugina Kinoshita

Toshifumi Fujimoto (50) has brown hair and a yankee look. This is exactly what Fujimon looked like when he got married to Kinoshita Yukina (33) after a great love affair. I couldn’t imagine their separation nine years later from the handsome couple.

Kouji Abe ♡ Former Morning Musume。 Ai Takahashi, June 29, ’12

Kouji Abe ♡ Former Morning Musume。 Ai Takahashi

Former “Morning Musume。 Next to Ai Takahashi (34), the leader of the group, is the pin comedian Koji Abe (46), the champion of “R-1”. The two have been dating without hesitation since then, and even now, eight years after their marriage, they are still making love.

They have been married for eight years and are still talking about it. The result of their hard work and talent is what they are today.

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