Even though she lives in France, her “talent power” has not decreased at all… Actress Anne is found at a “movie theater in Shinjuku! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Even though she lives in France, her “talent power” has not decreased at all… Actress Anne is found at a “movie theater in Shinjuku!

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With child-rearing now behind her, she has made three movies in the last year, and her appearances on variety shows have been increasing– and she is now a regular on the TV show “Kakugoto”.

In early June, after leaving the theater after a stage greeting for the movie “Kakushigoto,” a 174cm tall woman in a gorgeous costume caught my attention.

On a hot and humid afternoon near the beginning of the rainy season, actress Anne (38) sashayed out of a movie theater in Shinjuku. It has been two years since she moved to France, and even though she is in Paris, 10,000 km away from Tokyo, her talent power has not diminished. There is a special circumstance that other “immigrant entertainers” do not have.

He has been back to Japan more than three times in the last year alone. This is because his work has expanded from the movie “Kingdom” to the variety show “Dareka to Nakai” (Fuji TV). While many actors are leaving their agencies, he continues to work for a major agency and is very cooperative in variety shows and promotional campaigns, which makes it easier for those making offers to him.

Anne kept her relationship with her father, Ken Watanabe (64), a secret when she made her debut in show business, and she also kept her exposure extremely low during the divorce scandal with her ex-husband Masahiro Higashide (36), but her mind seems to have changed in recent years.

She has begun to make use of her private life in her work, such as in her YouTube videos in which she and Watanabe appear together. In her latest movie “Kakushigoto,” in which she plays the lead role, she reveals her dissatisfaction with her ex-husband who is not enthusiastic about raising their child, and there are many scenes that remind us of her divorce from Higashide, which will be a topic of conversation.

She has also recently professed to be a fan of comedians “Lalande” and “Robert” Akiyama Ryuji (45). It is in the line of Ando Sakura (38) who is flirtatious while coming from an entertainment family, but Anne has yet to win a single movie-related award. She will probably increase her appearances in movies in the future in order to aim for prestigious awards,” said a source at an entertainment agency.

Her three children have finished their infancy and she has reached the end of her child-rearing years. She will probably continue to pursue her career as an actress with a strong acting background.

Anne, mother of three, lives in France, but her talent power has not diminished at all.
Anne, mother of three, why her talent power has not diminished at all even though she lives in France.

From the June 28, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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