I’m not in a relationship! Nana Suzuki, who is in the midst of her marriage activity, talks about her ideal man and her views on love and marriage. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I’m not in a relationship! Nana Suzuki, who is in the midst of her marriage activity, talks about her ideal man and her views on love and marriage.

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Nana Suzuki has remained as innocent as ever since her debut.

I …… have something to say to …… Friday today!”

These were the first words out of Nana Suzuki’s (35) mouth when we first met. What in the world was going on ……?

I was on location today and many people told me, “Congratulations, Nana! I was on location today and many people said to me, “Congratulations, Nana-chan! But I’m not in a relationship!

What I mean is that on June 4, Suzuki appeared on “Suddenly, Can I Tell Your Luck? She participated in an arranged marriage project and ended up marrying Keiichi Hasegawa, 39, a former professional basketball player who was the fifth bachelor of the romantic reality show “Bachelor Japan. As a result, many viewers thought Suzuki was dating Hasegawa, but Suzuki said,

I am friends with Hasegawa. Friends. But we haven’t met since the show. We have promised to go out for dinner, but we are friends first. So, please write properly.

That seems to be what he meant.

In January 2002, Suzuki married a junior high school classmate with whom he had been in a relationship for five years, but they divorced in the summer of 2009. Three years have passed since then. Looking back, he said,

He said, “That was quick. We are still good friends. He was a really wonderful man. He was the best husband. Really! We were classmates in junior high school, and five years after we graduated, we bumped into each other at our coming-of-age ceremony and started dating. (I wanted to marry (him) so badly. ……”

I thought he started talking nostalgically about those days, but then he suddenly said, “You know, I’m really hungry,

I was really hungry, so why don’t we go to a café and talk over a cup of tea? I came straight to Kodansha after a morning on location, so I’ve been busy and haven’t had anything to eat.

Her innocent and innocent personality is true to the rumors. It was the moment when I realized who “Nana Suzuki” really is. We moved to a different location and continued the interview. What about her ex-husband?

I still love him. But we became friends. He was really a wonderful person. He was too good to be true. My parents loved him too.

Her feelings toward her ex-husband had gone beyond likes and dislikes to the realm of “respect. Still, she said, “But I don’t know if we will fall in love in the future or not,

But we will fall in love in the future, and I will have a boyfriend, and she will have a girlfriend. I don’t keep in touch with her at all anymore.

But it is very touching to see her trying to take a new step forward. Suzuki seems to be on a “marriage activity” kick at the moment.

I really want to get married again. Because I enjoyed (married life). This time, I want to have children. I want to be a mother. I want to be a mother. So, if I have a new girlfriend, Friday, please take a picture of her.”

I wonder if she has met anyone at all in the three years since her divorce.

There was one person I dated after my divorce. He was younger than me, very pure, and we went on about four dates. We went on about four dates, and it was fun. But we didn’t do anything. We didn’t kiss, we didn’t hold hands. So I thought that was also pure. I don’t like guys who take me to hotels. He was a really nice guy, but I didn’t know. That’s why I’ve been looking for someone older. I want him to lead me. I want him to lead me.

I have a strong desire to be taken care of. Even if we go to a hotel, I like men who don’t touch me right away. If he doesn’t make a move at all, I don’t like that. He will touch me a little bit. But if I say no, then maybe someone who can put up with that.”

Recently, she fell in love at first sight with a handsome store clerk, but when she saw the ring on his left hand, she cooled off at once. In this situation, when asked which man she likes the most at the moment, the name of an unexpected celebrity came up on …….

Tomoya Nagase (45). I thought he was seriously cool. Not just his face. It’s not just his face. He was very human and kind. I look at how he acts with the people behind the scenes. Nagase was kind to everyone.”

She was probably thinking of Nagase in this way. As for her ideal man, she said, “If I had to choose a type, I would say a man with a Showa taste.

If I had to choose a type, I would say a man with a Showa taste. He should have a car. When I call him and say, ‘I’m at TSUTAYA in Daikanyama, but I’m tired, so come pick me up,’ he should be able to pick me up immediately with a car. Someone with wings on his back!

It seems that light footwork is also a prerequisite. She is currently in the midst of her “marriage activity,” but of course she is also diligent about self-polishing.

Of course I am improving myself. I go to the gym about once a week, and I always try to take off my clothes. I go to the gym about once a week and work out so that I can take my clothes off whenever I want (while making a gut-pose). I also take care of my breasts and bust. Lately, I get quite a few compliments on my butt, too.”

Her number of followers on her Instagram page, where she occasionally shows off her body, which she is very proud of, wrapped in sexy underwear, is approaching 300,000. There are other preparations she is steadily making for marriage.

I’m looking for land in Kanagawa Prefecture. I love the ocean. I have a dream of raising my children near the sea. I have a dog, so I want to take walks on the beach. I love animals so much that I have two shelter dogs and three cats at my parents’ house. I will report back when I buy land. Seriously, I want it, land!”

While she is not only busy with her marriage activities, she is also steadily gaining a foothold as a TV personality. Behind her steadfastness lies the existence of “that person.

Cha Kato (81) and his wife Ayana (36) are very close, and Mr. Kato often says to me, ‘Nana, you are tired of yourself. He often says to me, ‘Nana, you mustn’t get bored with yourself. There was a time when I was bored with myself. I wondered if I could keep going the same way because there were so many other celebrities coming up later with different characters. There was a time when I wanted to change my character. But when I heard those words, I decided to stay the same.”

To be active in the entertainment industry for a long time, it is probably important to always be natural and not overdo it. Walking down the street, passersby kept calling out to her, “Nana-chan! I was so tired, having just returned from a local filming. I was sure that she must have been tired after just returning from a regional location, but when I saw her smiling and taking pictures with each and every one of them without a hint of disgust, I could understand why Suzuki is loved by everyone.

There is no doubt that she will be a long-lasting celebrity.

Nana Suzuki emphasizes, “I want to get married!”
While on the move, she posed for the camera in a variety of poses.
She couldn’t stop smiling when she talked about her views on love.
I’m so embarrassed. I don’t know what I’m talking about.
Take lots of pictures!” and full of service!
Nana Suzuki is always powerful in any situation.
Nana Suzuki posing for a photo, saying, “Please take pictures of my waist that I’ve worked so hard to build.
Posing for the photographer while on the move
When approached by people on the street, she offered to take as many photos as they wanted.
Nana Suzuki looking sexy (from her Instagram @nana_suzuki79)
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    Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. At the age of 31, he became a reporter for FRIDAY and has reported numerous scoops. Since then, he has continued to work mainly for weekly magazines. Currently he also appears on TV and radio as a commentator.

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