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The “2024 Spring Attention Rate” ranking of variety shows is announced!

The latest TV industry report: Surprising results of the "Nailed It" survey: ......

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Tetsuro Degawa (60), in “Tetsuro Degawa’s Charge, Won’t You Let Me Charge? etc. In “Tetsuro Degawa Tetsuro’s Charge”, he travels around the country on an electric motorcycle. He also appears in “Sekai no Hatto de Itte Q!

(Nittele). Even if they are not watching the screen, as long as the TV is turned on, viewership ratings will increase. However, that does not tell us what programs are really getting attention.

REVISIO (hereafter “R”), a TV viewing data analysis company, has launched a new axis called the “nailed-on” rating (gazing rate) based on a survey of how much people in front of the TV screen are looking at the screen. The table below shows the top 30 variety programs aired on commercial key stations this spring between April 1 and May 19, ranking them based on data from R Corp.’s analysis of 75 programs. We would like to introduce some unexpected trends in variety programs that are truly noteworthy, and that cannot be seen in viewer ratings.

Before explaining the characteristics of the rankings and individual programs, let me reiterate Company R’s method of measuring the degree of nailed-down attention. Sori Yasutake, PR/marketing manager, said.

The “nailed-on” rating does not increase even if the viewer rating is high, because many viewers are not watching the TV screen while doing other tasks. The degree of fixation is measured by the degree to which the viewer’s eyes are fixed on the screen, so the higher the number, the more closely the program is watched. Sensors are installed in the TVs of ordinary households to measure whether the skeletons of registered viewers are looking at the screen. For example, if 70 out of 100 people in front of the TV are looking at the screen, the nailed-down percentage is 70%. (The viewing rate (shown in the table) is also based on our own research. Currently, we have about 2,000 households (about 4,800 viewers) in the Kanto region and 600 households (about 1,500 viewers) in the Kansai region.

Let’s take a look at the specific rankings. The top-ranked programs differ significantly from the rankings in the ratings.

No. 1 ” Tokoro-san no Gakko de Gakko de Toshi no Kyo de Kyo ni Kyo wa Konntekkoro! (TV Tokyo) ranked 54th with a household rating of 3.2%.

(TV Asahi) ranked 14th with 6.2% of household viewership.

In third place was ” Can I Follow You Home? (TV TOKYO) ranked 37th with 4.0% of the total.

Why TV TOKYO is doing so well

These top-ranked programs have one thing in common. They all focus on ordinary people, with contributions from viewers as the main focus. Yasutake continues.

Unlike the famous celebrities we see every day on TV, we have no prior information about ordinary people, so it is difficult to predict their stories. If you don’t watch carefully, you can’t keep up with what’s going on. For this reason, programs featuring ordinary people probably attract more attention, even if the ratings are not good.”

There is another characteristic. Of the top 10 programs, four are from TV TOKYO.

The sixth-ranked program, “Tetsuro Degawa’s Charge, Please Let Me Charge You? is a program featuring Idesgawa-san (60), and one of the highlights of the program is that he travels around the country on his electric motorcycle and interacts with local people,” says Yasutake.

On the other hand, ” Sake no Tsumami ni naru Hanashi ” (Fuji TV), No. 17, ” Monday to Night Show ” (NTV), No. 21, and ” Dareka to Nakai ” (Fuji TV), No. 28, in which Daigo (44), Matsuko Deluxe (51), Masahiro Nakai (51) and other big name celebrities serve as MCs, are not so highly rated. The “Dareka to Kai” (Fuji TV series) ranked 28th.

The reason for this is that the programs are easy to understand and progress without the need to concentrate on the screen. Programs that used to be popular, in which a famous celebrity would present a story and the celebrities on the stage would answer the questions, are relatively less engaging. While viewers are accustomed to seeing this type of production as “old style,” it may be that the steady development of the show makes it less noteworthy.

Masumi Itamoto, in charge of customer success at Company R, says that there is a difference in the tendency toward nailed-down programs between men and women.

There are three key elements in women’s nailed-on programs. The first is “Learning with Kazu Laser” (Nittele, Japan’s leading TV station for women). (Nippon TV, ranked second in terms of women’s attention). Aha! Minna no Zoo” (Nippon TV, No. 8) and other animal programs. Talk shows such as “Life’s Greatest Restaurant” (TBS, No. 1), hosted by Koji Kato, 55, of “Gokuraku Tombo. Many women like to get together with friends and talk, so they are naturally drawn to talk shows.

Young women, in particular, tend to like the racy themes of talk shows.

“I think it’s because it’s easy to get buzz when you put it on social media, and it becomes a common topic of conversation with friends. Although not included in the ranking, “Kyokorohee” (TV Asahi), featuring Hiccorohee (34) and Saito Kyoko (26), for example, is a late-night talk show about senpai (senior citizens) who go it alone. Women in their 40s and older pay attention to talk shows longer than an hour, but younger women tend to watch short, 30-minute programs such as “Kyokorohee” more often. Younger generations tend to watch shorter, 30-minute waku like Kyokorohee,” said Itamoto.

Men prefer documentary-style productions. In films such as “Potsun to Ichikenka” (ranked second in terms of male viewership), men may relate to the stories of people living in remote places.

By age group, “Chidori Kamaitachi Hour” (Nippon TV, ranked 8th in terms of male viewership among 13- to 24-year-olds) and “Wednesday’s Downtown” (TBS, ranked 12th), hosted by Masanori Hamada (61), are viewed relatively more by young men than other programs. It seems that many comedians popular among young people appear on the show, and their detailed direction, such as finding mistakes, is attracting attention.

It is not the big names that everyone knows that raise the program’s profile. It is the unpredictable developments that make the show more entertaining.

Koji Imada (58), “Kaiun! Nandemo Kanteidan” and others! Nandemo Kanteidan” since August 2011, and this year marks his 23rd year as MC. His regular programs number seven.
Koji Kato (55), “Life’s Greatest Restaurant” and others… In addition to “Life’s Greatest”, he has also been the MC of “Gotchi Monday! (TBS), etc., and is highly regarded as a host.
Masanori Hamada (61), host of “Wednesday’s Downtown” and “Prevato! (TBS), and is also the host of “Junk SPORTS” (TBS). He also appears on other programs such as “Junk SPORTS” (Fuji).
Imoto Ayako (38), “Itte Q to the Ends of the World!” and other programs…explores various parts of the world as a “rare animal hunter” and a member of the “Itte Q Mountaineering Club”. Married to the program director Shiro Ishizaki
Yoshihiko Inohara (48) “Appearance! Admachi Tengoku” and other programs… “Appearance! Admachi” as a host since April ’15, sharing his knowledge of the various regions he covers as “your town’s advertising manager.
Daigo (44) “Sake no Tsumami ni naru Hanashi” etc… He became the host of “Sake no Tsumami ni naru Hanashi” after Hitoshi Matsumoto suspended his entertainment activities. Also appeared in “Daigo’s Geisha Receipt” (Nippon TV), etc.
Masahiro Nakai (51) “Dareka to Nakai” etc… Hosted “Dareka to~” with Muro Tsuyoshi. He also appeared in “The! Sekai Ohten News” (Nippon TV), etc.

From the June 28, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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