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Why Nozomi Sasaki is in no hurry for her husband Watabe to return to work

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While Sasaki is busy filming a drama, Watabe takes care of the children. They seem to be working well together as a couple.

Actress Nozomi Sasaki’s reputation is on the rise.

When she made her debut, her title was “model,” but now she is an “actress” in both name and reality. In January of next year, she will be starring in a TV drama series on TV Tokyo called “You Tuber ni Musume ha Yatano! in January next year.

This is a romantic comedy planned and written by Yasushi Akimoto, the “father of AKB”. This will be Sasaki’s first leading role in a drama since “Daisy Luck” (NHK) in April of 2006.

Sasaki’s husband is Ken Watabe of “Anjash” fame, who has been on hiatus since June of last year due to reports of an affair. It was reported that he has resumed his part-time job at the Toyosu market.

It was Mr. Sasaki who suggested that he work at the Toyosu market. It was Ms. Sasaki who suggested that he work at the Toyosu market, not to make ends meet, but to provide a distraction for her husband who had been retreating into his own shell. Mr. Watabe has always been interested in food,” said a sports journalist.

While Watabe takes care of their three-year-old son, Sasaki is filming a drama.

Some comedy insiders are worried that Watabe, who has a high sense of pride, may not be able to handle being treated as a “housewife.

However, there are some people who are concerned.

But Watabe is enjoying raising the child. However, “Watabe is enjoying raising his child. It’s difficult for him to spend time with his child unless he’s in a situation like this.

What is most surprising is Sasaki’s “toughness. As one entertainment industry insider said.

“I didn’t expect her to be so strong.

I didn’t think she was this strong. In fact, she herself is aware that she has “changed” since a certain time.

Sasaki appeared on TOKYO FM’s “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” broadcast late at night on the 14th. She revealed that the reason why she was so “pouting” when she made her debut was because she “didn’t want to talk. Sasaki, who was born in Akita Prefecture, was working in her hometown before entering the entertainment industry.

I didn’t know anything about the entertainment industry. I thought I would stay in Akita.

She recalled. She was scouted and moved to Tokyo.

But I was scouted and moved to Tokyo. I had no motivation at all. I apologize for that.

I apologize.

Before I knew it, I was in an agency. They were all celebrities. I was nervous that my dialect would come out when I talked to them. I didn’t want to talk, so I just stayed in the background.

He recalled.

(Fuji Television Network) in October 2010. (Fuji Television Network) in October 2010, but she barely spoke and had little expression.

(Fuji TV) in October 2010. Even through the screen, I could see that she wasn’t willing to do anything, and she ended up quitting the show quickly after a year.

According to Sasaki, the turning point came when he was 25.

According to Sasaki, the turning point in her career came when she was 25: “One day, I wondered what it would be like to do so many jobs one by one without responsibility. I felt like I had to change. That’s when I started thinking, ‘I need to study acting,’ and ‘I need to take responsibility for my work.

After I changed my mind.

After I changed my mind, I really enjoyed my work. I started studying a lot. I’m enjoying my work now.

She says.

Currently, she is absorbed in her acting career.

I ask the director and producer about acting. When I get home, I take care of my children with my husband. She is very busy, but she seems to be fulfilled.

So they say. At a recent event, she reported that she went on a “family camping trip”.

I had a lot of fun. I was able to refresh my mind and body in nature, and the air was clean and the leaves were beautiful, so it was great.

I’m glad I went. There was no sign of concern about her husband’s ugliness, and her happy smile was impressive in contrast to the pitying eyes of the public. A source in the entertainment industry told us, “Ms. Sasaki herself is not a fan of Watabe.

Ms. Sasaki herself is in no hurry for Mr. Watabe to return. She would rather retire from the entertainment industry than have her family destroyed. After the scandal, she and her husband discussed and finally found their own ‘form of happiness.

Sasaki declared, “Next year, I want to enjoy my work while also cherishing my private time. There was no sign of Nozomi Sasaki’s former sullen demeanor.

  • Photo by Sota Shima

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