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Reiwa is very popular! Public Gambling Jobs” are becoming a competitive job in the entertainment industry.

The staff saw it! Inside story of Television

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Japan Racing Association (JRA) has featured top celebrities such as Takuya Kimura (51), Akashiya Sanma (68), and Takeru Sato (35) in its commercials. Masami Nagasawa (37) is currently starring in the commercial.

Mitsuho Fukudome (20), a member of “AKB48” Team 8, continues to make rapid progress as the “post-Shibuya Nagisaki (Nagisa).

In March of this year, when she appeared as the target of a surprise project on the YouTube channel of Nobuyuki Sakuma (48), a former shrewd producer at TV Tokyo who worked on “Godtan” and other programs, she showed off her great comedy skills and demonstrated her love of boat racing, which became a hot topic. Now he is sought after in a variety of fields, including boat racing programs and distribution,” said a sports newspaper reporter in charge of entertainment.

(A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper) “Major entertainment agencies are said to be trembling with fear at the prospect of Fukudome’s breakthrough.

Since the COVID-19 crisis, sales of public gambling, which allows Internet voting, have been on the rise, and the payoffs for distribution and sales are good. Yoshimoto Kogyo, to which many gambling enthusiasts belong, has established a sales division specializing in public gambling, and “BS Yoshimoto” has teamed up with “Chari-Loto” operated by MIXI to broadcast a daily bicycle race broadcast program.

Female TV personalities who are familiar with public gambling are competing for schedules, and that is where Fukudome came in. Influenced by her father’s love of boat racing, Fukudome has been a serious fan since she was a teenager. Her knowledge and expertise are far beyond compare, and she is a threat to the entertainment agencies that have been promoting celebrities who are only fanatics of boat racing,” said an advertising agency official.

There was a time when public gambling did not make a good impression, but when popular actors such as Kamio Fūju (25) began appearing in commercials, the image of public gambling improved dramatically. The rapid increase in the number of young fans is another reason why entertainment companies are focusing their efforts on public gambling.

Reina Takeda (26) became the image character of “Iwaki Taira Bicycle Race” in her hometown right after her boat race commercial contract ended. Watanabe Entertainment is also enthusiastic. Yoshiyuki Tsubokura (46) of “My Family” is the MC of a boat race delivery program, and popular young comedians such as “Pate-chan” and “Yonchitoushin” are actively appearing at bicycle racecourses and other sales events,” said an advertising agency official.

The director of a production company says, “There is also competition for work here.

When ABEMA launched its first live broadcast program, it used Yu Shinagawa of Shinagawa Shoji (52) and Yusuke Inoue of NON STYLE (44) as trial MCs, but when Shozo Endo of Kokoriko (52) heard how much they were getting paid, he changed his mind. (52) changed the color of his eyes when he heard the amount of the fee.

After that, it is widely rumored that Endo made a pitch to an ABEMA producer who used to be involved with the Downtown show, and got the official MC position.

Sashihara Rino (31) is another celebrity who has turned her love of boat racing into a career.

She regularly does boat projects on the YouTube channel of the idol group she produces, “=LOVE,” and gets tie-up jobs. That’s what you’d expect.

Gambling work is more attractive than terrestrial broadcasting, where salaries are declining.

From the June 28, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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