A junior high school teacher arrested for indecent conduct reveals his “selfish motive” at trial. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A junior high school teacher arrested for indecent conduct reveals his “selfish motive” at trial.

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Mikichi Tonozaki was arrested by the Saitama Prefectural Police.

“I was transferred to a new junior high school in April of ’23. I was stressed and lonely because of the transfer. I felt lonely because I could no longer see the boys I liked. In order to distract myself from these feelings, I invited some of my former students to join me.

A former junior high school teacher who indecently and voyeuristically photographed several male students confessed in court that his loneliness was behind the incident.

The former junior high school teacher is Mikichi Tozaki, 44, who was accused of taking pictures of sexual acts, violating the Child Pornography Law, and violating the Child Welfare Law.

On October 16, 2011, Saitama Prefectural Police arrested Togasaki, a junior high school teacher (dismissed on disciplinary grounds on February 8, 2011), on charges of indecent assault for indecently assaulting a male student at a hot spring resort in Gunma, which he had visited for a school event in 1919.

Although the case was later dropped, more than 1,000 indecent videos and still images of young men were stored on the seized phone. The students and former students, who were in their teens at the time, were found in them.

Since then, the defendant Tonozaki has been arrested five times for indecent acts and voyeuristic photography of male students, which he committed over a period of about four years starting in ’19. The number of victims exceeded 20.

Although he was the advisor of the brass band at the junior high school where he worked, he was known as a competent leader who led the brass band to the “All Japan Brass Band Competition” six times. He was also a permanent director of the prefectural brass band federation.

Because of this, he said, “Practice was very strict. If you made a mistake, you were yelled at and verbally abused. I heard that some students dropped out of the club or stopped going to school because of the severity of the situation,” said a parent of a former member of the brass band.

In the trial that began on February 8, 2012, the despicable acts committed by the defendant gradually came to light.

According to the prosecutor’s opening statement,

In early January 2011, the defendant invited A, a former member of the club, to a private room at a hot spring resort in Tokyo, where he engaged in lewd acts, including touching A’s genitals and rubbing A’s genitals against the defendant’s. In early May of the same year, the defendant visited A at the junior high school where he worked, and engaged in lewd acts solely to satisfy his own sexual desire. In early May of the same year, he also committed lewd acts with A, who visited the junior high school where the defendant worked, solely to satisfy his sexual desire. In mid-May of the same year, he visited a hot spring resort in Tochigi Prefecture with B, a former student of his, and secretly took pictures of B’s genitalia and other parts of his body in a room of the resort with a smartphone that was set to record video. In late May of the same year, in a private room at a spa facility in Saitama Prefecture, he committed indecent acts, including touching the genitals of former club member C.” (Prosecutor)

(Prosecutor) The defendant stated that he “had a liking for A,” and that he had touched A’s genitals in the past at school. And at the time of each offense, he took video of A with a smartphone that was set to video recording status.

During questioning of the defendant, defense counsel asked , “Before you went on the trip with B, did you think you were going to voyeuristically film him?” He replied , “No. We were in the bath together. While we were taking a bath together, I felt like I wanted to take a video of the scene, so I took a picture of it.

He added, “All of the crimes were committed to satisfy my sexual desires. Since the other person did not reject me when I committed the crimes, I interpreted it as their acceptance of me. However, now I have come to believe that it was difficult for them to reject me because of the overwhelming power relationship.

To the victim and the victim’s guardians, he added , “I am sorry that I have done something irreparable. I told the guardians in advance that I would be going to the hot spring resort, and even though they allowed me to do so, I am sorry that this has happened.

During the trial, the prosecutor read a portion of the victim’s guardian’s statement.

The prosecutor read a portion of the statement from the victim’s guardian: “Even after being victimized in this way, the defendant says, ‘I can’t hate him because it was his teacher who made me love brass band music so much. From the perspective of a teacher who was concerned about him as a student, we were the only ones who thought he cared about us even after we graduated, and it was really frustrating to think that the defendant had only seen the victim as a sexual object from the beginning” (B’s guardian’s affidavit).

Parents of other victims also expressed their feelings of severe punishment, saying, “I feel betrayed by the defendant, and I can never forgive him,” and “I hope the defendant will be punished severely.

Even at the junior high school to which he was transferred, he could not stop the act of voyeurism.

In July 2011, the defendant accompanied the brass band to a joint training camp, and in the changing room of the large bathroom at the hotel where the camp was held, he secretly took video of the genitals of four male students with his smartphone and saved the video.

During a school excursion in September of the same year, in the changing room of the hotel where they were staying, the defendant concealed a smartphone in his breast pocket and took video of the genitals of 16 male students and saved the video. A voyeurism app was used to take the pictures.

Originally, “I had a sexual interest in boys of junior high school age, so for several years I had been taking pictures of naked boys when I led school trips and patrolled the bathrooms,” he said.

When asked by his defense attorney why he took the voyeuristic photos, Tonozaki replied, “To satisfy my sexual desires. I knew it was wrong, but I was more concerned that I would not be found out.

He bowed his head and apologized, saying, “I am truly sorry that I did such an irreparable thing on a school trip and at a training camp, which is a place of precious memories for junior high school students.

In his closing argument on May 7, 2012, the prosecutor pointed out that “the offender used his position and influence to commit malicious acts against the students and club members, and that he is a habitual offender. The guardian of the child also requested that the defendant be punished severely, and a prison sentence was appropriate.

On the other hand, the defense counsel requested a suspended sentence, stating that “ the defendant has fully regretted each offense and has pledged never to commit a similar act again,” and that “rehabilitation can be expected through a recidivism program under the supervision of his family.

Then came the sentencing hearing on June 7, ’24.

Judge Takuhisa Nakagawa sentenced him to three years in prison, noting that he had “used his influence as a teacher and advisor of club activities to satisfy his own sexual desires.

In his final statement, he bowed deeply to the audience, saying, “I cannot change the past, but I believe that I can change the future. I want to live my life with a sense of remorse and atonement.

On the other hand, the parents of the male student who first reported the damage and was not prosecuted complained, “Since we learned of the damage done to our son, our time has stood still.

In the second part of the article, “‘Anger’ and ‘Regret’ Confessed by Parents of Student Victimized by Teacher’s Indecent Beh avior,” the parents of a former student, D-kun, who was indecently assaulted by the defendant, confess their anger toward the defendant.

  • Interview and text by Ryo Nakahira Photo by Shinji Hasuo Shinji Hasuo

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