The parents of a student who was indecently assaulted by a teacher confess their anger and regret. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The parents of a student who was indecently assaulted by a teacher confess their anger and regret.

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In the first part of the article, “[Rubbing genitals against pupil…] Junior High School Teacher Arrested for Indecency Reveals ‘Selfish Motive’ at Trial,” we discussed the heinous acts of Mikichi Tonozaki, 44, who was arrested and charged with indecent acts and voyeurism against his pupils. The families of the victim students are outraged by the defendant’s actions.

From the defendant’s social networking site

My son started acting strange in the middle of his freshman year of high school. He stopped going to school, saying, ‘I’m afraid of people. At that time, I didn’t know why, so I told him to go to school. Eventually his condition got worse and worse, and he became a recluse, unable to leave the house. We asked him what had happened to him. Then he began to tell us that his teacher had mistreated him in junior high school, and that it was hard for him to remember things when he went to school.

The mother of D, who claims that she was subjected to indecent behavior by the defendant, said, “In September 2010, D was a student at a junior high school.

About a year later, on October 16, 2011, the Saitama Prefectural Police arrested the defendant on suspicion of indecent assault. At that time, more than 1,000 indecent videos and still pictures of young men were stored on the defendant’s smartphone, which was seized at that time. The seized obscene images became evidence, and the defendant continued to be arrested repeatedly.

On June 7, 2011, he was sentenced to three years in prison by the Saitama District Court for violating the Child Prostitution and Pornography Law, the Child Welfare Law, and other laws.

However, only the case that Mr. D filed was not prosecuted. The fact that the defendant, Tonozaki, denied that he had done it. The reason may be that it took three years for him to report the damage, and there was no objective evidence left. No image of Mr. D was found on Tonozaki’s phone.

When my son told me his story, the first thing I remembered was that he had verbally abused me during brass band practice. Sotosaki may be an excellent brass band leader. But it is also true that practice is quite demanding. I went to the city’s board of education and told them, ‘My son was beaten and verbally abused by Sotosaki. I told them, ‘My son was beaten and verbally abused by Sotosaki, and this has now become a traumatic experience for him, and he can no longer go to school. When I asked to meet with Mr. Sotosaki, the Board of Education contacted me and said, ‘We will set up a meeting with Mr. Sotosaki. When I met with Sotosaki together with my son, he said on the spot, ‘It was not an expression of affection, but I did hit him a little or something like that. I apologize,’ and the meeting ended there.

When D-kun returned home that night, he began to talk about the indecent behavior he had been subjected to by Gaizaki , saying, “Actually, he did something even worse to me.

The incident that Mr. D claims to have been victimized occurred on September 6, 2007, when he stayed at a hot spring resort to participate in a brass band competition in Gunma Prefecture.

After practice was over and they had finished eating, around 10:00 p.m., Mr. D was summoned to Mr. Tosaki’s room by a student who had been summoned by Mr. Tosaki before Mr. D. Mr. D said that he had already gone to bed. It was already bedtime. After being given a massage in that room, he was taken to a private open-air bath, saying, “Let’s go take a bath.

They locked the door so that he could not escape, and there Tonozaki touched his son’s pubic area, among other things. Tonozaki admits that he and his son went into the private bath together. However, he denies what happened after that.

When his parents heard about his complaint, they consulted the Saitama Prefecture Victim Support Center. They were advised to consult with the police, so they filed a report.

I never thought that my son had been subjected to something indecent by a teacher. Perhaps it was even more difficult for my son to tell the police because he had been sexually assaulted by a man.

Upon entering junior high school, D-kun joined the brass band club.

At first he was beaten and verbally abused, but gradually he began to have more physical contact with the defendant, such as when he was forced to give massages inside the school.

During the year leading up to Sotosaki’s arrest, my son was interviewed by the police more than 10 times. The brass band practices not only at school but also in a public hall, and he was summoned to the dressing room and had his pubic area touched. He told us that not only did they touch him over his clothes, but they also took off his pants.

Despite the lack of objective evidence, the children managed to get themselves arrested.

After that, as he was repeatedly re-arrested, D-kun decided to appear as a witness in court and confront the defendant, Tonozaki. He had been meeting with the prosecutor at the public prosecutor’s office to discuss with the defense attorney how he would interact with the defendant during cross-examination.

Defendant Tonozaki was arrested by the Saitama Prefectural Police.

However, at the end of March ’23, with the trial already underway, he received a document saying that the case had been dropped.

“The police said, ‘Your son’s action has revealed Tonosaki’s crime. If your son had not reported the crime, the criminal act might still have continued. But anyway, the son himself was not rewarded. In the end, his statement was not accepted at all. He finally told us his story, but no one believed him. I wish I could have at least put him on the stand to testify.

During the time since he stopped going to school, my son has thrown away all of his graduation albums and competition certificates. He pretended that all the memories of his junior high school days and his successes in the brass band had never happened. He was diagnosed with PTSD and is receiving treatment at the hospital, but my son has not been able to come to a decision about what to do with his life. Even now, he often says he wants to die and has trouble sleeping at night. I wish he would have at least apologized to me after being torn to pieces to this point.

A few days before the verdict was handed down, D’s father met with Tonozaki. However, although he admitted that they had entered the private bath together, he did not respond to the question, ” Why did you have to enter alone together?” He was mute when asked, “Why did you have to go in alone with him?

He was silent when asked, “Evidence, evidence, video. What kind of evidence do you have in a closed room with just the two of us? And the other party was far older and in a much better position, so a boy in his mid-teens would not be able to resist so much. I sometimes wonder what the Japanese law is all about. After all, it is not a law to protect the victim. I have the feeling that the law does not protect the victim, but on the contrary, protects the perpetrator.

In his final statement, Mr. Tonozaki said, “I can no longer change the past, but I believe that I can change the future.

On the other hand, D-kun is still stuck in time since his junior high school days and has not even found the chance to stand up.

  • Interview and text by Nakahira Photo Shinji Hasuo

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