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Takuya Kimura’s First TV Drama After the Turmoil Is Doing Well, but Some in the Industry Are Expecting Too Much

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The drama series in which he starred ended with favorable reviews. The results have led to a change in Kimutaku’s reputation in the industry

The first drama series in which he starred since the old Johnny’s fiasco ended with consistently high ratings: “Believe- Kimi ni kakeru hashi,” a drama series starring Takuya Kimura (51) that started on April 25 and commemorates the 65th anniversary of TV Asahi’s launch, reached its final episode on April 20 this month.

The drama depicts Riku Kariyama, the head of the Civil Engineering Design Department, played by Kimura Takuya, who is sentenced to prison for a crime he did not commit, escapes from prison, and struggles to uncover the truth. The drama recorded an average household rating of 11.7% for the first episode (Kanto region, same below), making it the top-ranking drama among this season’s commercial serials. After that, it remained consistently high in viewer ratings, ranking second among this season’s commercial drama series in terms of household viewer ratings. Once again, it proved the popularity of Kimura and his ability as an actor” (TV magazine writer).

(TV magazine writer) During the sex abuse scandal at the former Johnny’s’s office, Kimutaku was under fire after he posted on his SNS, “show must go on! Will the results of this drama be a sign of his resurgence as a “star”? A drama production producer at a key station revealed, “The story structure is the latest trend.

The story structure matched the recent trend, and I think the drama was more interesting than I expected. Kimura’s previous roles have been that of a dependable and cool guy, but in this drama, Yuki Amami plays his older wife, so he had to play the role of a somewhat unreliable husband. It was a character I had never seen before, but he played it carefully and naturally, and I felt that his acting has gained depth and breadth as he has gotten older.

With such a strong performance in the drama, Kimura’s reputation in the industry seems to have been completely restored. However, some are asking, “Isn’t it too early to judge?” However, there are those who say, “Isn’t it too early to make a decision?

A TV Asahi official said, “This drama is a commemorative drama for TV Asahi’s 65th anniversary.

The drama is a commemorative drama for TV Asahi’s 65th anniversary, so we are spending a huge amount of money on the production of each episode. The team that worked on the popular drama “BG – Personal Bodyguard” (TV Asahi), in which Mr. Kimura starred in the past, has reunited and the script was written by Yumiko Inoue (63), who worked on the dramas “Shiroi Kyotou” (Fuji TV) and “Emergency Interrogation Room” (TV Asahi). In addition, the fact that a group of gorgeous actors of a wide range of ages, including Yuki Amami (56), Takumi Saito (42), Ryoma Takeuchi (31), and Maika Yamamoto (26), were assembled made the show the number one in terms of attention even before it aired. Looking at the staff and actors, there was a feeling that high ratings would be a given.

I think the fact that Mr. Kimura, who was well-received by his co-stars, was the star of the show was also a big reason why the actors were so splendid. In the end, however, the show ended up with middling ratings, with no numbers except for the first and last episodes, and it could not be said to have been a hit. It is not only Mr. Kimura’s fault, but I think that if the show had been as popular as before, it would have received higher ratings. I don’t think we can call it a full recovery just yet.”

Despite the concerns of those involved, the industry’s expectations for Kimura are growing. A special drama of “Grand Maison Tokyo” (TBS) is scheduled to air this winter, and a movie release has also been announced.

The drama is a sequel to a very popular drama that aired on TBS’s “Sunday Gekijo” in ’19 and recorded an average household rating of 12.9% (in the Kanto area). It seems that a large scale location shooting is being conducted in Paris, and they are very enthusiastic about it. However, since it is a five-year-old work, there seems to be some concern that Kimura’s popularity may be declining and that viewers may have lost their enthusiasm. There are already comments from within the station, such as, “It’s too brave. It would have been better to wait and see how things go in the special drama series. Some are skeptical about the attitude of the upper management, which is placing excessive expectations on Kimutaku.

Although the drama “Believe – Kimi ni kakeru hashi” was a stepping stone to “Kimutaku’s resurrection,” he has not yet completely recovered, as mentioned earlier. Expectations are high for “Grand Maison Tokyo” as a sequel to the highly rated drama, but if it fails to bomb, Kimura’s career may finally be in jeopardy, according to a source close to the entertainment industry.

However, if the drama bombed, Kimura’s career would be in jeopardy, according to a source close to the entertainment industry. Although she left her presence in this drama series without bombing, I think she cannot afford any failure in the next drama, “Grand Maison Tokyo. If the drama were to flop, other stations would be hesitant to cast Kimura. There is no possibility that he will not receive any offers to star in dramas for the time being. Whether he makes a full comeback or disappears from the industry, the true value of Kimutaku will be tested at …….

It seems that the crucial moment for his complete revival will continue.

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