aiko, mistill, Tortoise Matsumoto… The “darkness of the music world” behind the “financial troubles” of top artists | FRIDAY DIGITAL

aiko, mistill, Tortoise Matsumoto… The “darkness of the music world” behind the “financial troubles” of top artists

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Aiko, who herself stood in court as a witness in a money trouble trial, ……

Top artists are getting involved in financial troubles one after another.

On June 18, singer aiko appeared as a witness in a trial held at the Tokyo District Court.

Atsushi Chiba, a former director of aiko’s private office, was accused of violating the Companies Act (special breach of trust) by purchasing goods for sale on her tour from a friend’s company at a higher price than originally charged and kicking back the difference. The defendant is known as aiko’s “foster parent,” and she told the court

She made a shocking confession in court, saying, “I was brainwashed by (defendant Chiba).

She made a shocking confession in court, saying, “I was brainwashed (by Chiba).

Aiko was told by Chiba that the company was having financial difficulties, and she had lent the company a large sum of money, 460 million yen, at that point. At that point, I distrusted her, but she wouldn’t tell me the income and expenses of the office, so I did as I was told and gave it to her.

said a reporter from a national newspaper who attended the hearing. The national rock band “Mr. Children” was also reported in the Weekly Bunshun (weekly magazine) about an alleged 400 million yen “slush fund” by their office.

According to the article, Mistill’s agency “Engine” and its affiliated company “Clutch” had padded the production costs of Mistill’s concerts and made a slush fund of about 400 million yen.

The magazine also mentioned that tickets for the “Gravity and Breath” arena tour in 2006 had been increased by 540 yen compared to the previous year’s tour, and pointed out that this was also connected to the creation of slush funds.

In response to the series of reports, “Engine” released a statement on its official website.

The company denied any wrongdoing regarding concert proceeds as described in this article.

The company also denied that it had raised ticket prices.

The decision to raise ticket prices was made after careful discussions among the members and staff in good faith, taking into consideration the social situation, including the rising cost of living and labor, as well as the need to avoid placing a heavy burden on the fans.

The end of the statement states, “There is no such thing as a price increase to gain unfair profit. The end of the sentence reads

The end of the sentence reads, “Engine Mr. Children Co.

and the name of the company is written jointly at the end of the letter. According to a person involved in the music industry, “The fact that it is jointly named means that it is a mistake.

Mr.Children’s joint name means that this is an official statement that Mr.Children has agreed to. Kazutoshi Sakurai, the vocalist, and the other members had no knowledge of the company’s allegations.

Tortoise Matsumoto of “Wolfles,” another nationally known band, was also reported by Bunshun to be in financial trouble.

The epicenter of this one was not his main business, but an apparel company of which Matsumoto is the representative director, Asakura Co. The company was said to have fraudulently applied to the government for Corona employment adjustment money. The company was founded by Matsumoto’s father-in-law, and Matsumoto was asked to serve as a director.

Matsumoto was asked to serve as a director of the company. “Technically, he is the representative director, but he only lent his name to the company and had nothing to do with its management,” said Matsumoto. When he first learned of the fraudulent claims from Bunshun, he immediately resigned.

Matsumoto’s office said, “Tortoise Matsumoto also takes this matter very seriously.

Tortoise Matsumoto takes this matter very seriously and is acutely aware of his responsibility.

We will make every effort to restore trust in the company.

aiko, mistill, and Tortoise Matsumoto…… Why the financial troubles?

An official from an old record company said

A person from an old record company said, “For better or worse, I am an artist. Their main job is to produce music and hold live performances, and few people check the management of their companies in detail.

The fact that it was a private agency was also not good. Since only a specific person manages the money, it is difficult for any wrongdoing to be exposed. If this had been a major production company, the result would have been different.

He adds, “If this had been a major production company, the result would have been different.

Just as aiko was able to raise more than 400 million yen, a hit singer can make huge sums of money. When people see this, they tend to go beyond trust and engage in wrongdoing,” he says.

We often hear about similar kickback deals or people absconding with money from their offices, but it’s not public knowledge. The more famous you become, the more people approach you. This case is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

The “dark side” of the entertainment industry. ……

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