Nanako Matsushima’s surprising obsession with kimonos convinces fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nanako Matsushima’s surprising obsession with kimonos convinces fans!

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Matsushima during her attendance at the Cannes Film Festival (AFLO)

Actress Nanako Matsushima’s “obsession” is becoming a hot topic. The Winter 2021 issue of the kimono magazine “Beautiful Kimono,” currently on sale, features Matsushima as a model for six pages.

Speaking of Matsushima, she is said to have had her third breakthrough since “Housekeeper Mita” in 2011. She has been getting a lot of exposure lately, with a string of commercials, and there are rumors that she may be chosen to play the lead in a serial drama for the first time since Mita.

The magazine also features other big-name actresses such as Kyoko Fukada and You Yoshida in kimonos, making it a very gorgeous magazine.

Matsushima wore five different kinds of kimonos, including cream, pink-beige, and modern green. The title of the project is simply “Nanako Matsushima’s outfits for enjoying colors”. The editorial team says, “We have selected kimonos in the colors of the moment and put them together in seasonal coordinates. Actress Nanako Matsushima wears it in an urban style.

Matsushima looks too good in kimono! I’m sure she doesn’t play many roles that require her to wear kimonos, but it just seems to fit her so well. I’d be happy if a mother like her came to visit my class” or “I’d go to a Ginza club with a mom like her. I’d go to a Ginza club with a mom like her.” My imagination ran wild.

In fact, she is a regular contributor to Matsushima’s “Beautiful Kimono” magazine, appearing in the summer 2021 issue, and has been used as a model many times before that.

Matsushima herself is very particular about kimonos, and in the Winter 2021 issue, she spoke passionately about it in an interview. In the winter issue of 2021, she spoke passionately about kimono in an interview, which shows her deep knowledge of kimono.

Now, Matsushima is appearing in the drama “SUPER RICH” (Fuji TV) that started on October 14. She plays the role of “Satomi Shimatani,” an overly beautiful super career woman who is the director of a major IT company called MEDIA.

More and more, I can’t take my eyes off ……!

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