Behind the “My Number” Obligation for Mobile Phone Contracts: “Public and Private Sectors” Behind the “Huge Donations and Downgrades | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind the “My Number” Obligation for Mobile Phone Contracts: “Public and Private Sectors” Behind the “Huge Donations and Downgrades

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The Kishida administration has made it clear that it will “in principle unify the use of my number card with public personal identification.” Although public outcry is inevitable, ……

It would be much clearer if the government announced that “possession of a my number card will become mandatory. ……

On June 18, at a meeting of the Cabinet Council on Anti-Crime Measures, the government decided in principle to use the my number card for identification when signing up for a cell phone contract online, and to abolish identification such as a driver’s license or insurance card.

They will also make it mandatory to read IC chips such as my number card when signing up for a contract in person. The Digital Agency will study and develop a mechanism for reading that IC chip.

This is due to the fact that fraudulent contracts by forging driver’s licenses and other documents when signing cell phone contracts have been increasing, resulting in the spread of fraud and other damage, according to …….

The government must want to promote it somehow because the utilization rate of my number card and myn insurance card is extremely low. By linking all kinds of things to the my number card, they must want to control and seize control of the public’s information.

However, there are so many flaws in the system, such as mistakenly linking someone else’s information to the card, that many people do not trust the system. If a my number card becomes mandatory to sign up for a cell phone, which is no longer a necessity, people will have to obtain a my number card even if they don’t want to. I think many people are filled with anger.

If cell phone stores nationwide were to introduce corresponding readers, the cost could be enormous.

On the other hand, the government is subsidizing medical institutions that introduce miner insurance cards. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s document entitled “Subsidies and Other Support Measures for Medical Institutions to Promote the Use of the Mynah Insurance Card,” released on January 12 of this year,

The subsidy will be provided to medical institutions whose utilization rate of the miner’s insurance card (initial visit, follow-up visit, and dispensing of medicine) has increased by 5% points or more since October 2023 (R5).

It is clear that the subsidy is provided in an incentive-like structure, starting at 20 yen per case for a 5% point increase, and 120 yen per case for a 50% point increase, and so on. This would encourage medical institutions to promote the use of the miner’s insurance card.

Furthermore, according to a July 2011 article on the website of “Shimbun Aka Hata,” a newspaper published by the Communist Party, which is the arch-enemy of the LDP

A company that has been involved in the My Number project from the design stage of the system and received orders for the project made donations totaling 580 million yen to the LDP’s political funding group, the National Political Association, during the eight years from 2014 to 2009,” according to the article.

The report states.

Of the coalition of five companies that received the order for 12.312 billion yen, the four that donated to the LDP were Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC, and NTT Data. In addition to receiving the order, these four companies are said to have a large number of senior officials from the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism descending from heaven.

My number card is mired in concessions. The subsidies for the miner insurance card are also plentiful in the medical field. The Japan Medical Association, another LDP supporter, contributes 200 million yen a year to the LDP.

Behind the scenes, with huge sums of money swirling around, the government is moving to make the system semi-mandatory. Whenever various systems are introduced in the future, “shell companies” are sure to be involved in the process.

It is a terrible thing that we have to give up our personal information for the sake of the symbiotic relationship between politicians and big business.

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