The reason why Yukina Kinoshita revealed her “dissatisfaction” with her partner after the tapioca trial was settled | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The reason why Yukina Kinoshita revealed her “dissatisfaction” with her partner after the tapioca trial was settled

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Yukina Kinoshita vented her frustration about the tapioca store owner’s side on YouTube…

In the settlement, I said 1 million yen and they said 10 million yen.
I was so frustrated, I was so frustrated.”

On December 16, former celebrity Yukina Kinoshita spoke candidly on her YouTube channel about the “tapioca fiasco” that led to her suspension.

In 2007, Kinoshita got into trouble with the tapioca drink store where her sister was working, and asked the owner for help.

“Depending on how it goes, I’ll go all out with the office.
A good old hag.

I’m not sure what to do, but I’m going to do it.

The store side was threatened and sued for damages of 10 million yen as having received mental anguish, and Kinoshita was just ordered to pay 400,000 yen in October this year. In October of this year, Kinoshita was ordered to pay 400,000 yen. After that was settled, she finally apologized and started YouTube.

In the You Tube, the interview is filmed in the form of a conversation with a male staff member behind the camera. Kinoshita is sitting on what looks like a bed, not a sofa, and her legs are in a crumpled position.

At the beginning of the interview, the male staff member says

At the beginning of the interview, a male staff member said, “People are reporting that Yukina Kinoshita might be a dangerous person.

He said that he wanted people to know the real Kinoshita, and that was the reason why he was talking about the commotion.

Kinoshita’s sister was having marital problems at the time, and it was the owner of the tapioca store who helped her with her work. Kinoshita was grateful and thought she could do something to help, so she advertised the store on her Instagram story.

She later visited the store and had a friendly time with the owner and the employees, taking photos with them. Later, however, trouble arose when the salary for her sister was not paid. This is the reason that Kinoshita, who loves his sister, lost his temper and sent that DM.

In the event you’re not sure what you’re looking for, there are a few things you can do. He did not think that it would become a big deal, but it is a very naught idea.

Instead, a person named B, who claimed to be the owner’s agent, scrubbed Kinoshita’s DM that the owner had sent and used it as a shield. (Entertainment reporter)

Kinoshita, feeling threatened, sent a document to the owner of the tapioca store through his lawyer about Mr. B’s visit, but the owner replied, “I don’t know Mr. B.” However, just before the trial, Mr. B sent a document to the owner saying, “I don’t know him. However, just before the trial, Mr. B began to send Kinoshita DMs apologizing for his actions.

However, even though the trial is over and the matter is settled, why did he need to reveal now that the other party had raised the amount of money and the DMs?

I’m sure they’re just thinking of it as a YouTube story, basically. The number of views is already slowing down. Moreover, he filmed the interview not on his own initiative, but at the urging of the staff, as if he had no choice but to speak.

The staff said that there is little truth in reports such as “the mask company is suing for hundreds of millions of dollars” or “she was barbecuing during the state of emergency. He said that he wanted her to talk to him so that he wouldn’t be thought of as “crazy Yukina Kinoshita.

The staff wants the public to know that Kinoshita is actually kind. The tapioca fiasco and allegations of infidelity caused her to go independent from her agency, but the fact that she still has caring staff around her is probably her saving grace…

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