A 21-Year-Old Woman Reveals the Astonishing Tricks of the North Korean Prostitution Trap…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A 21-Year-Old Woman Reveals the Astonishing Tricks of the North Korean Prostitution Trap…!

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Kim Jong-un is trying to thoroughly fix the disorder of public morals (Image: KNS/KCNA/AFP/Afro)

A high-ranking military official in his 30s in North Korea must have heaved a sigh of relief.

He was waiting for a train to take him to work at Cheongjin Station in North Hamgyeongbuk-do Province in the north of the country, but it was delayed and would not arrive until the next afternoon. I could not stay in the field under the cold weather, so I went to a “standby accommodation”. Standby lodging is a facility near the station where passengers can eat and rest when trains are delayed due to power outages or fuel shortages. When the official went to the “standby accommodation,” a tout called out to him. The official grinned and checked in with a 21-year-old woman who had been introduced to him by the touts.

This was the scene of a honey trap in North Korea at the end of November, as reported by the South Korean media outlet Daily NK. This is what the South Korean media outlet Daily NK reported about a honey trap that took place in North Korea at the end of November. Mr. Ko Young Ki, editor-in-chief of Daily NK Japan, tells us.

In North Korea, there are only a limited number of accommodation facilities. On the surface, there are no brothels either. For this reason, facilities that can be used relatively easily by ordinary people, such as ‘standby lodgings’ and saunas, have become hotbeds for prostitution.

Incinerated classified documents

Let’s return to the story of the aforementioned high-ranking official. The next morning, the staff of the “standby accommodation” tried to show another guest to the room where the official was staying. Since the day was already high and the money had already been paid, they assumed that the official had checked out. However, …… showed up.

The official collapsed in his room. Not only were military uniforms, shoes and other things provided by the Korean People’s Army missing, but also his personal bag and other things. The staff determined that it was a case of theft and immediately reported it to the security department (police).

The security department began investigating the case, suspecting a 21-year-old woman who was with the official. A few hours later, they arrested the woman. During the interrogation, the woman confessed to the entire crime.

She said she was in league with a prostitution ring and offered a drink containing a powerful narcotic sleeping pill to a high-ranking official. After taking the sleeping pills, the official immediately fell unconscious. The woman took all of the official’s belongings and sold his clothes and shoes to a second-hand store. In order to destroy the evidence, it is said that the soldier’s ID card and the documents in his bag were burned in the kitchen furnace.

The documents that were burned were considered a problem. The contents of the documents were unknown, but they were said to be classified documents containing top secret information. The high-ranking official is said to be detained by the military’s security department (secret police) for questioning. He is being questioned by the military’s security department (secret police), and will inevitably face severe punishment for losing important documents and attempting to engage in prostitution while on duty.

The other woman, who stole but did not engage in prostitution, is expected to be released after serving a one-year labor training sentence. The official’s attempt to satisfy his temporary desire came at a heavy price.

  • Photo KNS/KCNA/AFP/Afro

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