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Roppongi Chaos, Yamaguchi-gumi’s Sudden Visit to Inagawa-kai HQ

A key figure in the world of chivalry, who "will soon mark the 10th year of the split war," went to the entertainment district in broad daylight with his gang members in tow...

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Two men, bid farewell by their members, departed from the Inagawa-kai headquarters. Chairman Uchibori (center) smiled. As they neared their 10-year milestone, their friendship was renewed and strengthened.

“Thank you for your hard work!”

A deep, menacing voice echoed through the otherwise quiet daytime entertainment district.


It was 11 a.m. on an early June day. In a corner of Roppongi, Tokyo (Minato Ward), a group of Inagawa-kai members had gathered. Leading the men who stood at attention, collars straightened, was Chairman Kazuya Uchibori (71). Nearby, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department patrol cars circled, and nearly ten investigators kept a close watch. 


In this tense scene where yakuza and police were mingling, a luxury car arrived. Stepping out with three executives was Teruaki Takeuchi, a senior advisor of the Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi (64).


Why did these two key figures of the East and West yakuza worlds gather in the entertainment district in broad daylight?


“The location they gathered at is the Inagawa-kai headquarters. Inside, they were celebrating the birthday of Inagawa-kai’s president, Jiro Kiyota. Takeuchi likely attended personally to strengthen ties with this friendly organization.” ( Masahiro Oshima, a nonfiction writer knowledgeable about yakuza affairs)


I’mAfter the meeting, the two walked together away from the Inagawa-kai headquarters (a two-page photo). Before the start, both had tense expressions, but Chairman Uchibori smiled and Wakate-saicho Takano also looked satisfied. What was discussed in the peaceful talks? A journalist who knows the inside of the Yamaguchi-gumi speculates.

“Normally it’s about 10 minutes, but this time Wakate-saicho Takano stayed with Chairman Uchibori for over 20 minutes. It seems they discussed recent ‘rejuvenation personnel’ moves by the 6th Yamaguchi-gumi. For instance, in February, Secretary of Wakate-saicho Kiyoshi Takayama (76) was promoted to Wakate-saicho assistant. Also last November, executives from secondary groups became leaders and are now directly involved. It seems this visit, with those leaders in tow, was to greet Chairman Uchibori.

Behind the organizational restructuring, there’s likely a ten-year anniversary of the Yamaguchi-gumi split dispute in August this year. Before this milestone, they seem to be building an organization that can respond quickly no matter what happens.” 


On the other hand, on June 7th, a strong tremor shook the “Anti-6th Yamaguchi-gumi Alliance”. Hyogo Prefectural Police arrested five members, including Shigeki Kanazawa (55), a senior member of the designated organized crime group Kenkai-kai, on suspicion of violating the Organized Crime Punishment Act.


“Kanazawa is suspected of being the gunman who shot and killed the leader of a faction under Kodo-kai, chaired by Takeuchi,  in April last year. However, it’s not just a simple murder charge but an organized crime murder charge, and Hyogo Prefectural Police are eager to crack down on Kenkai-kai’s leadership using this crime as leverage. They are a core part of the ‘Anti-6th Generation’ along with the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi, and if their leader is arrested, there’s a possibility of dissolution. If that happens, it could affect the entire industry.” (Hyogo Prefectural Police source) 

Amidst ongoing organizational restructuring and the decline of opposing factions, the situation marks a turning point in the decade-long split conflict.


“With the 10th anniversary of the split conflict approaching, there’s a strong possibility that pressure and attacks against Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi’s Chairman Kunio Inoue (75) could intensify. This summer, significant developments could unfold.” (Same journalist as previously mentioned)


The situation appears to be rapidly evolving.

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From the June 28, 2024 issue of “FRIDAY

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