Miwa Haruka, Who Shocked the Public with an Overly Calculated Honey Trap, Now Reveals a Shocking Lingerie Look! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Miwa Haruka, Who Shocked the Public with an Overly Calculated Honey Trap, Now Reveals a Shocking Lingerie Look!

Actress Haruka Miwa made headlines when she appeared in a honey trap project on "Wednesday's Downtown. Her appearance in a honey trap project on "Wednesday's Downtown" attracted a lot of attention on the Internet and social networking sites. Haruka Miwa made her first gravure appearance in the June 21 issue of FRIDAY. She talked about the response she received on TV and her thoughts on the gravure shoot.

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Actress Miwa Haruka, who appeared in the honey trap project on “Wednesday Downtown” and caused a stir.

In the program, she skillfully manipulated “Shinichi the Farewell Comedian” and even performed a kissing scene. Her appearance earned high praise not only from the program members but also from the host Masatoshi Hamada. She garnered significant attention on the internet and social media. Actress Miwa Haruka made her debut in the gravure section of the June 21st issue of FRIDAY magazine. She talked about the reactions on TV and her thoughts on the gravure photo shoot.

Photo by Suzuki Gota

“In fact, I used to do gravure activities when I was younger. The last time I did a shoot was about 10 years ago, when I was around 18 years old, so it’s really been a long time. Looking back, in my teens, I was standing in front of the camera with just youthful energy. Now, I’ve grown internally and gained various experiences as an actress, so my feelings when being photographed have also changed. I feel like I’ve gained more techniques on how to show myself cute, such as body angles and poses.”

This time, you also challenged yourself with lingerie photoshoots. Did you not feel any hesitation?

“The costumes are more mature compared to the past, and overall, they have a sexy atmosphere. While I want people to see the grown-up Miwa Haruka, I was nervous throughout the shoot, wondering if this was really okay.”

Her calculated gestures on the show unleashed her natural devilish charm!?

She has continued her activities primarily on stage, but her appearance in the “Wednesday Downtown” honey trap project has drawn attention to her acting skills and calculated charm.

“For Shinichi-san to genuinely like me was the challenge of the project. After the project was decided, I thoroughly researched Shinichi-san to learn more about him. I also looked for ways to make him like me (laughs). For example, I consciously made eye contact when talking to him and adjusted my pace to match his in conversation. In the studio, Hamada-san said, ‘This girl is too good at this. She’s too skilled.’ Hearing that made me happy. I approached it like acting in a drama or movie, so when they said ‘you’re such a bad girl,’ I thought that it’s alright.”

Many wonder how much of her behavior on the show, despite being diligent and studious, was acting. Is her devilish demeanor innate?

“I truly interacted as I would with someone I genuinely like. We spent about 2-3 hours eating together during the shoot, so I was pretty much myself. I also added behaviors and ways of speaking that I thought Shinichi-san would appreciate. It was delightful to see him gradually open up. I was surprised when I licked my fingers, but I thought, ‘If it makes Shinichi-san happy.’ and I was able to go through with it. Personally, I’m not proactive with people I like, so I admire assertive individuals. I appreciate straightforward expressions, so I was genuinely happy when he contacted me or invited me to dinner.”

Her family and friends were also pleased.

During the filming of the program project, Miwa mentioned that she could be herself about 80% of the time. Perhaps due to the coverage in online news, the reactions from those around her seemed quite significant.

“It seems like my family was looking forward to the program, but I felt embarrassed when my mother watched. She’s quite critical and doesn’t easily praise my acting. This time, I was happy to hear her say, ‘It was good.’ My father couldn’t watch the screen apparently; he closed his eyes during the kissing scene (laughs).

Also, I received messages from classmates from my local junior high and high school in Shiga. I originally thought I didn’t have many friends, but this program made me realize, ‘Oh, I did have friends after all’ (laughs).”

Her activities span a wide range, including her appearance in the movie “Hajimete no Onna,” set to release on June 22nd. Miwa expresses genuine happiness about her increased recognition, sparked by television appearances before the movie’s premiere.

“I play the role of a geisha in the movie. I’ve had an interest in becoming a geisha before, so I learned traditional Japanese dance and shamisen. Since high school, I’ve been quietly practicing shamisen and have continued with small performances. This movie gave me the opportunity to showcase these skills in front of the camera for the first time. We filmed in 2019, and with the pandemic causing delays in the release, I was thrilled when the release date was finally set.

It’s serendipitous, but things fell into place nicely. I’m grateful to everyone for giving me this opportunity to work, and I want to always remember my gratitude and stay true to my beginnings.”

Photo by Gotha Suzuki

On her days off, she indulges in her beloved hobby of fishing. She even goes on charter boats alone.

Miwa Haruka, known for her classical dance and shamisen skills, surprises with an unexpected hobby.

“I’m from Shiga, and I used to fish for black bass and bluegill in Lake Biwa when I was younger. Now, I book charter boats and go fishing. When I first started fishing, I couldn’t clean the fish, so I used to give them to friends. Now, I study on YouTube and can handle it to some extent. I’m in the process of expanding my cooking skills with grilled dishes, sashimi, simmered dishes, and meuniere. I love Japanese sake, and it goes perfectly with my cooking! I even bought a car to pursue fishing more seriously.”

She loves fishing and sake, and she’s particularly serious about fishing, often catching sea bream and cutlassfish.

“My experience in the entertainment industry is still shallow, so I hope to gain a lot more experience in acting, gravure, and everything else. While gravure and variety shows may seem disconnected, I believe they’re all interconnected in some way, so I’d like to challenge myself with new things. I believe that everything, including things outside of work, leads to something, so I want to absorb everything that happens from now on and show everyone how I’ve grown. Variety shows also bring a lot of excitement, so I want to keep challenging myself more and more!”

Miwa Haruka (三輪晴香)
Born in 1996, from Shiga Prefecture.
Active primarily on stage after winning Miss Young Champion in 2014.
Gained attention for her overly calculated acting in the “Wednesday Downtown” honey trap project.
Appeared as a geisha in the movie “Hajimete no Onna,” released on June 22nd.
Hobbies include sake and fishing.

You can keep up to date with her on her SNS ( @ku_199 ).

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