Riho Yoshioka’s “decolletage shown in a bold black dress” makes fans happy…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Riho Yoshioka’s “decolletage shown in a bold black dress” makes fans happy…!

Eyewitness! Harikomi24 (Shibuya 19:15)

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Yoshioka appeared on stage in a shiny black dress. She looked so sexy that the audience gasped the moment she appeared.

I was able to walk with a sense of elegance.

Riho Yoshioka (28) smiled as she walked the red carpet at the 50th Best Dresser Awards ceremony held in early December. Dressed in a black dress that exposed her décolleté, she took the stage with Kei Tanaka (37), who also won the award in the entertainment category.

At the award ceremony, when asked what she values in her work, Yoshioka said, “I have always tried my best and sincerely in any genre without choosing any role. I want to keep that attitude from now on,’ she said with renewed determination.

As she was the best-dressed, she commented on her outfit for the day, “I like the pearls in the middle because they are cute. Regarding Yoshioka’s outfit, Tanaka said, “Riho Yoshioka, you’re getting serious! (laughs).

Even if you’re not Tanaka, you can feel Yoshioka’s seriousness in this costume. But what draws the eye more than the outfit is the glow of her white skin that complements the black dress!

The unpublished cut of Riho Yoshioka’s appearance in a bold black dress at the “Best Dresser” Awards

From the December 24, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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