Controversy over “SMAP blacking out” in Fuji Television’s “Furuhata Nosaburo”: “The breakup issue that still lingers” behind the “rejected negotiations”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Controversy over “SMAP blacking out” in Fuji Television’s “Furuhata Nosaburo”: “The breakup issue that still lingers” behind the “rejected negotiations”.

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SMAP” has remained a legendary idol group even after its breakup. ……

SMAP’s “blackface” production is causing controversy.

The epicenter of the controversy is the popular series “Furuhata Tosaburo” (Fuji TV) starring the late actor Masakazu Tamura, which started in 1994.

As a special 30th anniversary production, in the June 18 episode, photos of the past culprits were lined up behind Mr. Tamura, who “talked by himself” in the opening scene. Only the members of SMAP were blacked out, causing a stir.

The first episode of the Furuhata series in which SMAP played the role of the culprit was the January 3, 1999 broadcast. It was called a “god episode” on the Internet and is extremely popular among fans. In addition, Takuya Kimura, a member of SMAP, appeared as a criminal in the January 31, 1996 episode.

As you can see in the video, Mr. Kimura is used without blackface in the photos of his previous appearances as the culprit; the fact that he is the only member of SMAP to use blackface indicates that he is not a member of the group,” said a TV insider.

This is what a TV insider said. Not only for FURUHATA Hitosaburo, the use of SMAP’s images is a hurdle to overcome.

The group, despite its national popularity, disbanded at the end of December 2004. Kimura remained at the former Johnny’s office, while leader Masahiro Nakai went independent in the spring of 2008. Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, and Shingo Katori moved to CULEN, which is headed by Michi Iijima, the “father of SMAP.

‘The rights are all over the place. Unless everyone gives the OK, we can’t use pictures or videos of the group. The video streaming service has distributed the episode in which Kimura is the sole culprit, but the SMAP episodes have not been released.

Three years ago, from June 3 to 9, 2009, another “Furuhata Toshisaburo” masterpiece (5 episodes) was broadcast. The selected episodes featured Ichiro, Nanako Matsushima, and others, but again, no SMAP. Under the surface, Fuji was persistently negotiating with the Johnny’s office at the time.

Not only the SMAP episode, but also Mr. Kimura’s episode were not OK’d. The negotiations were rejected from the start because the issue was considered sensitive at the time,” said a TV station official.

It is said that “the negotiations were rejected from the very beginning.

Why is it considered so taboo?

A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper asked

“There are still deep-rooted voices that treat Mr. Kimura, who remained at the former Johnny’s office, as the ‘main culprit’ behind the breakup of SMAP. It is easy to imagine that some fans would again bash Mr. Kimura if the SMAP episode of Furuhata Nosaburo were to be aired.

Moreover, since he plays the role of a criminal, there is a possibility that he could get caught up in it and become overheated. Not airing the episode would be a hedge against such a risk.

He surmises, “The fans and the TV station may have their own ideas.

Regardless of what fans and TV stations may think, as far as the members’ recent activities are concerned, SMAP is already “in the past” and each member has moved on. Jun Fukuda, president of STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, hinted at the possibility of a SMAP reunion when he became president.

“The mood in the industry is one of ‘shirake. It was more like, ‘You don’t understand anything,'” said a reporter for a sports newspaper.

It is precisely because of SMAP that the rerun of “FURUHATA Hitosaburo” can cause such a widespread reaction. In a sense, this event may prove that SMAP was the one and only national idol group.

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