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The Fierce Competition of Concept Cafés With Inserting Tips!

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The scene inside concept cafés offering extreme services.

Recently, in Tokyo, concept cafes (referred to as “concafes”) have been increasing around busy districts like Shinjuku, Akihabara, and Ikebukuro. Concafes highlight specific themes such as maid, idol, or lolita in their service and menu offerings. Most of these cafes operate from evening onwards, providing a place to enjoy drinks while experiencing the themed hospitality of maids or idols. 

Recently, due to a proliferation of such concept cafes, competition has intensified. Some cafes are striving to stand out by offering extreme services not found elsewhere.

Guided by a man knowledgeable about concafes, I visited a cafe themed around the ocean in Akihabara. While typical concafes offer themed interactions and drinks, this particular establishment is known for providing rather daring services.

Upon entering and being led to a counter seat, I was immediately greeted by a woman dressed in a mermaid-like costume. She began explaining the cafe’s concept and the pricing, despite my surprise at her quite provocative attire.

“Customers who order this drink are given a chip to place wherever they like on the girl’s body.”

There was this strange explanation.

When asked for details, it turns out that ordering this drink allows you to insert paper-like bills between the chest and the area between the skirt and the stomach. This service has become famous among men who enjoy visiting concept cafes.


Furthermore, for an additional fee, customers can change costumes, including being served in swimsuits or bloomers.


Speaking to a man who frequents this place and was sitting next to us, he showed us photos he had taken inside the store. The photos showed men touching the chest and abdomen of the women serving them.


“The affiliated stores of this place are equally provocative. However, the services here are particularly daring, which is why it’s always full of customers. It’s cheaper and more accessible than cabaret clubs, and that’s why it’s popular. I’m one of those customers myself.”

In shops offering such extreme services, I wondered what the women working there might be thinking. I spoke with women working at concept cafes.


“I work here because I can wear cute clothes and the hourly wage is good. However, girls who can’t tolerate touching usually quit quickly. Those who are okay with it can earn quite a bit, as most customers want this service.”


The system is similar to cabaret clubs, where pleasing customers increases one’s income. Women who prefer not to work in cabarets or adult entertainment establishments but value high wages seem to be gathering at these shops.


Some even handle transactions discreetly with other staff behind the scenes to differentiate themselves and please customers.


Such extreme services seem far removed from the original concept of enjoying themed hospitality at concept cafes. One can only hope that the cafes return to their original essence. 

The actual insertion of a tip.
A tips is actually being inserted.
Actual insertion of a tips

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