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Sakuma Minami’s Unconventional Style as Paris Olympics Caster

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Sakuma continues to expand her opportunities and thrive in various fields.

Minami Sakuma, 26, has been expanding her presence as a prominent announcer at Fuji TV, appearing on popular shows like “Sport!” and “Zenryoku! Datsuryoku Times.” She’s also been selected as a caster for the Paris Olympics coverage. 

Minami Sakuma released her first photo book “Minami Sakuma 1st Photo Book: From Minami” on May 22. It received an amazing response and topped the women’s category in the June 3 weekly Oricon photo book rankings. Due to high demand, it quickly went into reprint.

To uncover why Sakuma has been so successful lately, an interview was arranged with her, and she kindly agreed. When asked about her thoughts on completing the photo book, her answer was surprisingly unexpected.

“I didn’t have much confidence in having my photo taken, so I was really worried about how this photobook would turn out. But thanks to the help of the staff, I discovered a lot about myself and now I feel very fond of the finished product.”(Announcer Sakuma)

When I show you the photo book, you’ll see me focused on work and gym training in a disciplined way. Since becoming a sportscaster, I’ve trained at the gym up to three times a week to handle any kind of reporting scene.

To express that discipline, I revealed my well-trained abs in an unusual “midriff-baring shot” for an announcer. It resulted in a piece that shows a different side from the usual cheerful image of me seen on TV. 


Sakuma, as portrayed in the photo book, shows a disciplined side. In reality, she puts in a lot of effort to appear as a sportscaster and variety show host.

“Since being chosen as the commentator for the Paris Olympics, Sakuma has been diligently following various sports news every day to deepen her knowledge of athletes and events. She believes the most informative part is hearing directly from the athletes, so she prioritizes conducting interviews right now.


Additionally, as a host on variety shows like “Zenryoku! Datsuryoku Times,” she’s amazed by Arita Teppei’s (53) creativity every time. Variety shows don’t have clear-cut answers, so she learns by observing how senior announcers behave on such programs.”


Expanding her career as an announcer requires steadfast effort. Sakuma’s diligent approach ensures her opportunities will continue to grow. It won’t be long before we see Sakuma in action on new programs.

If you are interested in the contents of the photo book, click here!

Sakuma, showing her smile for this magazine’s camera.
Sakuma, answering the magazine reporter’s questions politely.
“Sakuma mentioned, ‘In the photo book, I was able to capture my natural self.’”
Partial unveiling of the photo book!
Limited preview of the photo book!
  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi

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