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Hikaru Faces Industry Backlash as Miyasako Replacement in vs Shimofuri Myojo

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In place of Hiroyuki Miyasako, Hikaru, a charismatic YouTuber, faces off against Soshina or “Shimofuri Myojo.”

“There’s nothing but room for growth for Hikaru.”


Popular YouTuber Hikaru doesn’t hesitate to say so. 

Recently, criticism has been pouring in regarding his approach, but Hikaru remains unfazed. On X (formerly Twitter), he stated:

“Those who can objectively see things and understand are increasing little by little.”

And emphasized that.

The big topic lately has been about Suyama from the comedy duo “Shimofuri Myojo.”

“YouTubers are not funny.”

The recent major topic has been the “Comedian vs. YouTuber” battle sparked by Soshina “Shimofuri Myojo.” Similar controversies erupted about a year ago from Soshina’s statements, making it almost a tradition now. 

This time, Soshina “Shimofuri Myojo” targeted former Ameagari Kesshitai Hiroyuki Miyasako. Soshina persistently criticized Miyasako on radio and YouTube. In late May, Miyasako retaliated during Hikaru’s birthday event, saying.

“Did you create a show like ‘Amatalk!’?”

This response gave the impression that Miyasako had created the show by himself, leading to a major uproar.

In the end, Miyasako surrendered here. It happened on his own YouTube channel.

“Please stop it. It’s tough.”

He surrendered. 

Amidst all that, Hikaru took over the “vs. Shimofuri Myojo” storyline in place of Miyasako.

At the previously mentioned birthday event. 

“No matter what you think about it, Miyasako-san is funnier.”

Furthermore, he also directed the following towards his partner Seiya. 

“You, that Chrome Hearts hat doesn’t suit you at all! How can you wear such a tasteless hat!”

He provoked him.

What Hikaru is targeting isn’t Soshina but Seiya. On his own YouTube, he said:

“I heard Seiya-san was talking about my talk skills, but I wonder if Seya-san’s talks are really that interesting. Isn’t he just doing imitations of songs, that sort of thing?

And cut him off decisively. 

“In sales talk, I’m winning 100%, right? Even in long discussions, I’ll probably come out ahead.”

With a fearless declaration, he concluded by

“Soshina-san is honestly amazing. But when it’s just Seiya-san alone, I wonder how it is.”

And tilted his head in contemplation.

“Hikaru would probably want to take it as far as a direct confrontation with Seiya in videos. However, in the entertainment industry, there are many people, including comedians, who are Hikaru NG. The main reasons are don’t want to be associated and no benefit.”( sports newspaper reporter)

In  January 2022, Hikaru suddenly made a television debut. He was serious about improving his TV presence, even going for skin maintenance and dental correction. At that time, on YouTube, Hikaru said.

“Rather than wanting to become famous on TV, I felt like using it as an advertisement. There’s a layer that you can only reach by appearing on TV.

When thinking of it as a tool for getting to know me, TV is the strongest. And you don’t have to pay for advertising. Using TV as advertising makes people know about me.”

“And commented. He was actually the man who wanted to appear on TV more than anyone else.


“However, in February immediately following, Gassy started an expose channel on YouTube. Triggered by trouble with Hikaru, many entertainers subsequently suffered from Gassy’s exposed damage.


“Hikaru is treated as the man who awakened Gassy, and several entertainers have issued no-cooperation orders. This trend remains unchanged. It’s also difficult for stations to handle.” (Entertainment industry insider)


While Hikaru is seeing an increase in anti-fans, could he still take revenge on Miyasako’s opponent?

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